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    No lock is made without a key.

    The Locks are generally used to avoid our material being stolen by somebody. But sometimes we will be losing the Keys and getting confused how to trace the missing key. We may spend a lot of time in finding the missed key.
    In our day to day life also we will be facing many problems in our endeavours. Sometimes these hindrances will be very hard and we will be losing our patience. Yet times we even may think of giving it up in between. But that attitude is not correct for a successful man. He will try on various options. He will use his talent in finding a solution for that. We should remember that every problem is having a solution. When a lock is made the key is also made along with it. Even though we are not able to find an immediate solution, by working out various option we can emerge successfully. This is like finding a missing key of a lock. The key will be traced definitely but the time it takes and the patience we have only will have a say on that. Keep trying you will be successful. No lock is made without a key. The person who is having that patience and zeal to achieve will be successful.

    This is for TOW contest.
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    The thread uses the TOW topic of lock and key to reinforce a message which though we are aware we forget many times .
    The author brings out that just as there is a key for every lock, there is a solution for any problem. So people should feel disappointed when they are facing problems.

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    A nice manner in which a positive message about life is conveyed using the lock and key. In real life we have lost keys sometime or the other. If you look back, when we frantically search for it, we wouldn't find it but after some time, it just flashes to us where we left the key last. Everyone has problems in life and have different ways of dealing with it. Some over analyze, some get depressed, some withdraw into their shells but there are few you find the inner strength to move on and a little later they find the solutions to their problems. Like how the key always finds its way to the lock via numerous hands, the solutions to our problems also come from various sources.

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    The author touched the basic point of lock and key relation and it is the fact that no lock can exist without key and vice versa. This can be compared to the congenial relations between wife and husband.
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    In this beautiful thread, the author has given a very positive message. But in a lighter vein, I say that nowadays no key is required to open a combination lock. If we bring the correct numerical combination, the lock would be opened without a key.
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    True, like every lock comes with a key, every problem also comes with a solution. But we just have to find the solution even though we will have to face some hardships or struggles finding it. One thing I like to add is there are locks made without key these days like the electronic locks.
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    A key need not be a physical item. It may be an electronic lock but there will be a code to open the lock. That code should be known to us to open the lock.required. There the key is the code. So no lock is made without a key is valid for electronic locks also.
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    Any lock will need a key, the digital locks, the doors that open with a swipe card, the vault or gate that opens with a thumbprint or a voice command, Only the shape and form of the lock and key has changed, the concept remains the same. Both go hand in hand, one is useless without the other.

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