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    A remarkable journey of a lock and key maker from Aligarh

    Actually he didn't have many alternatives. Born in a poor family, he was one of the seven children of his illiterate parents. Fortunately his mother sent him to a local school. With much difficulty he managed to qualify his Xth standard examination. His result was not good-he barely managed to pass the Board examination. There was no question of going to college.

    Like every other adolescent child in the locality of Phukan Market in Aligarh, this young boy ultimately joined his father. He started making locks and keys. Under the able guidance of his father and because of his personal interest, he very soon became an efficient lock and key maker. He could make any type of key-he could handle any type of lock. But this intelligent lock and key maker chose to utilise his expertise in a different manner, which cannot be termed legal.

    This young man came to the notice of an infamous gang engaged in stealing cars at various places of western Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. He started making different types of keys for the gang, with which the members of the gang used to open the locks of cars and steal those cars. His life took a turn. He started earning handsomely.

    But the society noted his sudden change of fortune-the neighbourhood noted the easy money which he started spending. More importantly, his parents noted. His mother rebuked him in no uncertain terms. The young man apparently ignored the advice of his parents. He left Aligarh and shifted to Delhi.

    But his conscience started pricking him. He was earning a huge amount of money, but he lost the mental peace enjoyed by an honest, hard-working artisan. But there was no way to escape the lure of easy money.

    But the Almighty listened to his silent prayers. The Almighty noticed the pain of his honest, hard-working parents. So He provided this young man an opportunity.

    In one hot, summer afternoon, he was roaming aimlessly in a Delhi market along with a member of his gang. They were trying to find an opportunity to steal a good car. Suddenly he heard a commotion. Like any other criminal, his companion immediately left the spot. The young man found that there was black smoke coming out of an imported car. He ran towards the car. He found that the doors of the car got jammed. A lady and a small child were locked in the car. He understood that the lady and the child had been suffering from lack of oxygen and due to poisonous smoke.

    He hesitated for a moment, but took a firm decision. He took out the bunch of keys from his small bag, and with some effort, opened a jammed door of the car. The people took out the unconscious lady and the child. Two precious lives were saved.

    God not only saved these two lives but also gave a new life to the young man. The lady was the wife of the owner of a very famous company, which is the market leader in making locks and keys as well as combination locks of almirah and ironchests.

    The life of the young man from Aligarh took a better turn. He got a suitable job in the company. He was finally able to utilise his expertise honestly.

    [Competition entry for Topic for TOW contest for the week 26th Nov'17- 02nd Dec'17- Lock and Key]
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    A very good narration. The story of a lock and key maker was narrated very well. I think the author may be aware of this story which was a real incident, I think. He was helping a gang who are making money by illegal means. So he has to come away from his parents and for him also no peace of mind. He realised that he is doing a mistake. So the GOD showed him a way out to come out of his illegal business and the people who got rescued by this man helped him by providing a job which will be a way for him to live peacefully. If you help people who are in need, you will get rewarded in a suitable way by the Almighty. So please be helping the people who are in difficulties that will give you happiness and peace in your life.
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    A story with a message smartly linking the thread topic.

    I had actually witnessed something similar. Just as ethical hackers, there are people who help the traffic police remove wrongly parked vehicles from the spot. I wondered how easily they open the doors, unlock the vehicle and move it away. Naturally wondered if they misuse their ability. I was told by my friend that if any vehicle theft happens in the vicinity, first they are questioned .
    Similarly locksmiths are questioned when any house breaking happens in the area. Locksmith's services are taken in urban apartments to open stuck locks, locks or night latches.where key is lost.

    Let me add , I feel, a little pruning could have been done to restrict the thread from spilling into an article.

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    A nice story with a breath of life into lock and key. Born in poverty, often people take an opportunity to have a better life, even if it means risking being on the wrong side of the law. There are many movies in which the poor parents always chastise their children if they take the wrong path to earn money. The ending is a good message,saving lives with his skills and giving up the dishonesty for a honest living.

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    Aligarh is best known for locks and the whole India gets the locks from that famed city. The author narrated the story connecting to the tow topic in new way.
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    Thanks to the Members for reading this creation.

    Mr. Venkiteswaran: I also feel that this thread has become a long thread, but in the contest there is no word limit.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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