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    How stress and tension are a lock and control of mind and control of anxiety are key to unlock them?

    We were once hunters, predators and even prey in some cases so our bodies were made such that either to fight the situation if we can handle it and become predator that way or to flight so that we can run away and avoid becoming prey. And to fight this and unlock our locked mind because of fear and anxiety we got some hormones like Adrenaline with right use of mind which are key to unlock this lock.
    But since now we have developed so much and we are now not in a situation of being prey or predators but instead different kind of stresses which are new kind of locks of new generation and has been upgraded also with advanced troubles but they can open only with the same keys which our ancestors had our mind and some adrenaline but to handle those keys is a difficult task in that time and today also.
    So to unlock our locks in the form of stress, mental tension and troubles we need a balance in our life so that we can control the anxiety due to a high rush of adrenaline with correct sense and control of mind and use this key gifted by nature to us in the best way.
    And since this is a known fact that how stress is a lock and thus barrier in the path of success i.e, why most of the higher level exam have the interview in a very highly stressed environment, to check the candidates control over his mind and adrenaline running in the body because of fear and anxiety.
    So control of mind and anxiety due to adrenaline rush in a stress-prone environment are the key to unlock the problems, stress, and tension in the dangerous and troublesome environment and thus arriving at a solution.
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    This thread also stresses that stress is a (b)lock and it has to be un-(b)locked . But the answer is a bit confusing as it suggests allowing adrenaline to flow.

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    Stress and tension in our daily lives play in our minds, do we need adrenaline or do we need inner peace,meditation or relaxation techniques? I think it depend on the individual choice, I would go for some meditation or relaxation methods.

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    In these days of too much competition, many of the citizens are always under tremendous pressure and under the influence this they are not able to think and act properly. To overcome this stress and tension there are many methods, in that using a medicine is one of the methods. But my opinion is that option should be the last resort. Once we start using medication, we can't stop that medication. My father is a living example for that. He is on that medication for the last 13 years. What I feel is to use the diversion method to come out of the stress. This is possible by relaxation and also meditation. By following these technics we can get rid of this stress and tension. If there is no other alternative then only it is better to go on medication. Sometimes I also feel the tension. Those times just I will stop thinking about that and start working on some other issue. Our mind will divert and we get relieved from the tension.
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    Nice thread from the author on the tow topic, and getting out of stress and tension solely lies on the person who faces it. How he manage them, depends on his regular habits to have a break from stress and tension.
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    Venkatiswaran sir thank you for pointing out the ambiguity in my solutions and this is why I have edited the thread and given a problem as well as solution and how stress is a lock and control of the mind is a key.
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    I feeel that stress and tension are inseparable companion of every human being since his birth till his death. Stress and tension are directly related to the power of thinking. As human thinking prowess is highly developed, it will always remain with us. We have to manage stress and tension. For this, mental control is necessary. Every human being has been managing stress and tension in his own way. However, we have to control our thinking process in case there is excessive stress or tension.
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    I agree with Mr. Partha, stress and tensions will be there with us lifelong.

    I did not understand how anxiety is a key? Doesn't anxiety cause tension and stress?

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    I didn't meant to say anxiety is a key I wanted to say that control of anxiety is the key which may have been misunderstood by @Chitra i.e, why I have changed the title to clarify what I intended to convey.
    And Partha sir though stress and tension will be lifelong but that doesn't make them any less problem they will still be blockade and kind of lock and needs key to be unlocked.
    And not everyone posses the key to unlock these locks.

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    #617562@Neelam Joshi, sorry my first response was based on my interpretation that you are giving options for the key. Since you have edited, I think what the thread infers is stress and tension induce anxiety in people and if we know the key (means to control anxiety), then we can use it to let out the ill-effects of the stress and tension that are locked in our minds.
    To me, anxiety, stress and tension are all interrelated and yes, we need means to control them or stay away from them. We can either change the atmosphere that's stressful or creates tension within us or has techniques to deal with these two conditions that make us becomes very anxious.In this regard, I agree with Mr.Partha, we can develop techniques to control the way our minds react to such situations, focus on mental strength, positive thinking and practice relaxation techniques, again all these need to harness our minds in the right direction, this is the key.

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    Sorry Neelam, I read it the other way. Now it is clarified.
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