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    Mad rush for first day ride on Hyderabad Metro rail

    Hyderabad people always supported new things and new brands when ever introduced in the market. Same has happened with Hyderabad Metro Rail which was dedicated to the Nation by PM Modi. From today morning 6 am the commercial operations has begun, so on the expected lines, many Hyderabad citizens queued up in front of 24 stations to have their first day first ride on the prestigious train so that they can plan future travel inside the city and also get acquainted with new rules and how the journey time can match them to reach office and so on.
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    Today I heard that more than a lakh of people travelled in metro train by afternoon. The ABN Andhra Jyothi announced this news. They have shown who purchased the first ticket on this metro train. The Hyderabadis got disgusted with the road position and traffic for commuting in the city. Many daily long-distance travellers are looking very eagerly for metro rail. The IT employees who are commuting to Hitech City from all the areas of the city are actually thought that the first route will go to HighTech City. But it is not completed and the train started up to Miyapur only. So many people got disappointed for this. Anyhow people travelling to Miyapur are trying to understand the time and other matters before they go for purchasing the smart card. Consequently today many people are in the queue for tickets. If these metros can take care of problems of the people of Hyderabad Hyderabad will be the best in the country. Let us wait and see how this is going to solve our traffic problems.
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    There would the initial enthusiasm to be the first travelers on the metro on the first day of its inauguration. People would be excited to see the stations have the experience of traveling and taking selfies. As with any mega project, there would be teething problems with queues, coping with peak hour inflow of passengers and vehicle parking etc. Once the adequate number of staffs are in place and people get used to the directions of travel and the process, it would be easier. Even in Bangalore, we have a similar experience, the trains started between common areas first and then extended to the full length of travel more than a year later.

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    It generally happens. But after fifteen days or so, people will start considering and comparing the metro fare with the bus fare; they would check the convenience, distance of metro station from their residence/office and then travel by metro.
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