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    Is there any chance of patch between Menaka Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi families ?

    I have read news reports that Priyanka Gandhi has been constantly in touch with Varun Gandhi, the BJP MP and son of Menaka Gandhi, who is a minister in Modi cabinet. Congress badly need new leaders, and leaders who can bring crowd to the party. Though Congress do have leaders, but they are either fading away or involved in corrupt charges during their previous tenure. On the other hand Priyanka is more worried about growth of BJP and thus wanted to rope in Varun to their fold forgetting the past and patch up. Is that possible ?
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    Mr. Mohan: I humbly submit that this type of discussion causes encouragement to dynastic politics in the country. How are we concerned if there is patch-up or permanent quarrel between two widowed 'bahus' of Indira Gandhi? How does the patch-up or dispute affect us?

    I feel we should not be unduly bothered about them. The country has been moving forward very smoothly even without their patch-up.

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    I think the void is beyond repair. So the chances are remote. If the patch has to take place, both of them should come to an understanding. The main problem will come with who will be the PM Candidate. Is it Sonia's son or Maneka's son. The fight will start. So your thinking is practically not possible. As opined by Partha nobody is interested in their becoming friends by patching up or becoming foes by further quarrelling. Let us not think about the union of these two which is not going to be helpful for anybody.
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    In politics any thing can happen as no one is friend nor no is enemy here.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In Politics, nothing is surprising. Within a family, siblings fight among each other but stand together to face a common threat or external issue. Similarly the present generation siblings can join hands and try to present an united front against the BJP. But practically how much can Mr.Varun bring in the ranks of the Congress needs to be seen. It's far fetched, if it happens, it would be a gaurded alliance both wary of each other.

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