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    How do we get prepared for living alone?

    Worried about having one day to stay alone in your twilight years? Share your best tips on how to cope with such a situation.

    As we grow old we all think about the twilight of our lives, how much to save, how to invest, having a pension fund etc. But is there anything else, perhaps something more important like Living alone? Having seen many families around me, I'm surprised to see a good number who have their children settled abroad and the elderly parents are literally left to fend for themselves.Recently in Bangalore, there were few couples who were sadly killed and nobody knew about it for few days. We have got used to a single child concept, I think we also should get prepared for a Solitary Senior Citizen life.

    Watching our health, avoid obesity (every day to day activity becomes a major task), have an active life, simple food habits, learn to be self-sufficient, have a health insurance and maybe invest in a closed community like apartment complexes for Elderly that have amenities like temples, in-house doctor 24/7 and a primary care hospital all within the campus itself.
    Last but not least, couples(parents) need to have that bonding between each other, supporting each other and share joyful moments because in reality, if we are left alone in the evening of our lives and need a shoulder to lean or cry on, it's more likely to be that of our spouse.
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    Yes we all must get ready to practice our life on how to live alone. As the days goes by , we also become big and our children get ready to settle in their lives. Some are aspiring to go abroad for studies and then try to marry and settle there itself. Like wise we would be growing old and we must learn to do things on our without depending on anybody. Right from the child hood we must learn how to cook and how to keep the home clean. We cannot engage house maid nor demand wife to do all her personal things. Better to be self reliant for ever.
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    This is one aspect which can be handled by introvert people much better. In upper class and middle class society, the loneliness during the twilight years has become a very big problem. There are various reasons behind this phenomenon. Lesser number of children, posting of children abroad and in different cities, careeer orientation of children, less social interaction, etc. are the main reasons behind the old-age loneliness.

    I feel that the number of old age homes is going to increase by leaps and bounds in India during the next twenty years or so.

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    I afraid I can't live alone. So I always feel I should go before my wife goes. I will be happy and I can manage everything If my wife is with me. But I can't imagine a single day alone.
    These days all families are more interested in earning more. They want their wards to go abroad and settle there. Every day they talk to them on skype and feel happy. If the son purchased a car abroad here the parents will distribute sweets to all the neighbours by going door to door in hot summer also. That is the affection they have towards their wards. But they are not understanding what they are losing by sending their children abroad. I have read a story in which two friends studied together in India. One friend settled in India. Another person went abroad. After 15 years when the friend settled in abroad came back to India. Purchased a 3 bedroomed flat and staying with his wife. The person who settled in idea enjoyed his life with his parents and parents in law. He purchased a 2 bedroomed flat and staying with his wife there. When they met each other they are exchanging their pleasantries. the friend who came from abroad was telling to his friend who is in India only that I missed my family life just for getting a one extra bedroom in my flat and I don't who will be there to stay in that room. A really thought-provoking story.

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    When both the spouses are alive, living alone won't be an issue as you are together even though your children are not near. You will be sad that you do not have your children and grandchildren around but you will definitely have your better half's shoulder to lean on. That will not be the case when one among the two leaves the earth. The life after that will be miserable. Your children might take you with them, but you cannot find happiness there. The real loneliness starts after the demise of one's spouse, a person who was with you almost your entire life. We need to be prepared to live alone as not all are lucky to leave this earth together. Like others, I am also scared to think about such a situation.
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