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    Ivanka impressed by great hospitality by Telangana people

    After attending the two day GES meeting in Hyderabad, US President Donald Trump daughter Ivanka has captured the attention of fashion designers and also great business men and women who listened to her. She was praised for her great speech on women's emancipation and greater participation of females in every field. She had the chance to visit famed Golconda fort and impressed with past glory of great rulers. She also tasted Telangana food served in her honour and she was impressed with great hospitality shown to her. She invited KTR, the IT Minister to visit US. Because KTR jokingly said that IT means not Information Technology, for now it is Ivanka Trump.
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    My observations:-

    (a) Ms. Ivanka Trump is impressed by the hospitality of Government of India. The common people of Telengana had little to do. They have faced lots of problem due to the visit of the dignitary.
    (b) The dress of Ms. Trump (that green frock) was not very impressive. She wears much more impressive and gorgeous dresses.
    (c) The rich Telengana food (although excellent) is little bit tough (to digest) for all European and American people including Ms. Trump.

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    Let us hope more and more businesses and projects in Telangana state after this summit.
    What is the speciality of Telangana food? More spicy?

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    I agree that she got impressed by the hospitality of Indian People. I felt that she is more on to see India than to participate in the summit. Her speech is not that attractive to me. But she is able to manage the show. The people of India have shown a lot of courtesy to her. The state government of Telangana cohosted the summit. The state government presented her gift a model of a peacock made of silver and made by the Karimnagar specialists in making handicraft works. Telangana is famous for Hyderabadi Biriyani.
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    It was a well-managed event as far as her presence at the summit goes. The pictures in papers and media show a happy Mrs. Ivanka Trump at the meetings and on the dais. Always at such events, what we see and hear is all rosy and joyful. The guest also gives an impression that everything is fine. She herself is a businesswoman and a fashion designer. She is also the advisor to the president of USA. Hopefully, this should enable more investments in India.

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