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    Truth hidden under lock and key is an unspoken lie

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    A bitter truth is better than a sweet lie. One cannot simply hide the truth and kill the actual happening. It may appear like a secret but it is actually an unspoken lie and not a secret. The truth which is revealed on time may be helpful to someone. Hiding the truth and portraying something with fake words is an act of dishonesty. Lying is not only done with words, but remaining silent is also equal to lying. Instead of hiding the truth and becoming a coward, speak the truth boldly and try to face the truth. For every problem, there is a solution and for every truth, a recovery action can be done. Secrets and lies have the power to ruin a relationship and the trust of a person. Some people hide the truth on purpose or for the good of someone. Is it acceptable to hide the truth for the good of someone?

    The painful truth which is revealed later may have an adverse impact on the feelings of a person. The truth hidden under lock and key can be kept secret for a period of time but unfortunately, if the lock gets opened with any master key at any worse condition, then it will become tedious to handle the situation. So, it is better to bruise a heart with the truth than to break the heart with a lie.

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    The author tried to present the value of truth and not speaking a truth. But how many of us are following this. From the moment we got up from the bed.till we go to bed again in the night we are performing so many events. During this time are we telling all truths only? I doubt. It is always better to face the truth. I agree. If not today tomorrow the truth will be out. Then it will more difficult to face it. So it is better t get prepared to face now itself rather keeping silent now and facing the music afterwards. We should not keep the truth under lock and key. The similar key may be with somebody else also who can open the lock. Then you will be in any very ugly position. So now itself you yourself open the lock with your key. The matter will be closed and the suspense will not be there. Even you thought of hiding the truth for the well being of somebody else also, iy not advisable. Better releive it now itself.
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    The truth will come out one day no matter how much ever we try to hide it with lock and key. Also, the saying a bitter truth is better than a sweet lie will not hold true always. It depends upon situations. Sometimes white lies can save a person. If we speak the truth then, we will regret the entire life. So, I feel in such cases lies are better. But lie should not be said to hurt others.
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    Nice thread using the lock and key concept, we all have been taught not to lie but still, we lie. The human brain is so innovative that people can lie and get away with it. We lie to our bosses, our spouses, our colleagues, our children often not because we want to, but because the circumstances force us to.Once we start telling lies, we find it very easy to keep people happy. On the contrary, the aftermath of being truthful can be damaging. It may hurt an individual, lead to loss of a job or breakup of a relationship etc. In real life, we need small lies to keep the harmony among us at home, office and friends circle but it should not become a habit. When it comes to truth vs lies, we cannot have an all or none phenomenon. Depending on the circumstances, everyone tells a lie and hope that it doesn't backfire at a later date.

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