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    One rupee note is celebrating its hundredth birthday in India

    This humble currency note was first introduced on 30th November, 1917. The first Re. 1/- note was printed in England and it depicted a silver coin image of King George V on the left corner of the currency note. It was issued because the British Government was unable to mint coins during the First World War. I am astonished to learn that till now there have been 125 different one rupee notes with different signatures. However, Re. 1 note was discontinued in 1926 on cost-benefit consideration, but it was re-introduced in 1940. It was again discontinued in 1994, but came back in 2015. Another interesting fact is that the Re. 1/- currency note is signed by the Finance Secretary, whereas the other currency notes are signed by the Governor of RBI.

    Let us celebrate the hundredth birthday of this humble currency note. Happy Birthday, Re. 1/ note!
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    Many many happy returns of the day to Rs1/_ note. The rupee note is introduced before independence. Before that, there was a one rupee coin. British government brought this note. It is good to note that this note was having 125 formats with different signatures. In my childhood days, I used to feel very rich by keeping 10 numbers of one rupee notes in my pocket. These days we are not seeing much of these notes. Recently I have taken a bundle of 100 nos of this one rupee notes from the bank and just I have kept it in my almirah. I may not use this as these days all items are costing more than one rupee. Even a beggar is also accepting this one rupee note or one rupee coin. The value of money has come down that much. When I was doing my Intermediate. my father used to give me a rupee daily 40 paise bus ticket for going, another 40 paise for coming back and remaining 20 paise for eating a plate idly in the lunchtime. Those days in that town a plate idly is costing 20 paise.
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    Today morning when I was surfing through the news-pieces in a news app, I found this information.

    Actually it is a surprise to me in different ways . The first was that it is a real information to me. The second was that I got pleasantly amused that the media person give attention to these kind of rare facts amidst all the negative and sensational news they are interested in.The other thing is of a coincidence.

    It was just last evening that I was digging into my archive 'treasures' and found from my account notes in an old diary that on a particular day about 25 years ago, I had bought Garlic , Lemon and green masala, each for 1/-Re ; and 250 gms tomato for 2/-Rs. That was the power of one rupee.

    I have still respect and regard for the one rupee. Very recently I received one rupee as cash credit for a forum response. Many such one rupee (s) have a significant part in my total cash credits.

    I am still keeping a crisp one rupee note collected in 1992 or 1993 and kept safe since. We keep it on puja during Diwali along with other notes and coins. The photo of its given as attachment.

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    Nice thread to remind us of our earlier currency. Glad that Venkiteswaran sir has spoken about the purchasing power of 1 rupee a few decades ago. I still remember having small change 50 paise upto 5 paise that could get us some small sweets or a pencil or rubber.
    British India currency is a niche collection topic for currency collectors. The newer Rs1, Rs2 and Rs5 rupee notes, fresh mint or unused notes were in demand as it used to be collected by some or used to shower/bless a married couple or make garlands by some people.

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    Nice to know that old one rupee note is celebrating 100 years of existence and many people of present era does not even know that such kind of note existed previously. I can remember that when my father used to get salaries, he used to get one bundle of this one rupee note so that he has to disburse petty cash to all on daily basis. For one rupee many things can be purchased those days.I can remember that for one rupee three litres of Kerosene oil used to get and for one rupee the train ticket can be purchased to and fro journey from our place to Secunderabad station and that era cannot be forgotten.
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    One Rupee note has also become a rare thing to see these days because of its limited printing during past years and coins being more in use. If I sometimes find such rare note I often keep them for some time in my wallet as I like them a lot. This thread present journey of a note from British era to today and its changed images and value.
    Happy Birthday 1 rupee note.

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    Happy birthday 1 rupee note. 100years is not a short span of time. It is very rare to find 1 rupee note. Thanks, Venkiteswaran sir for sharing the picture.
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