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    Don't worry, It's acceptable to be unhappy

    Should you feel low & go into depression when you are facing an unhappy situation? Learn how to face such moments through the interesting discussion here.

    People often become unhappy when they miss a promotion, not get a good job, child doesn't get a rank, cannot save money or a relationship fails. There's nothing called as a normal family, events, misunderstands keep happening in it. These are events that are destined to happen and we are nothing but mere mortals who cannot run 24/7 fully charged.

    We cannot expect every day in our life to be bright and sunny. Every relationship can't be perfect with joy and harmony. So, as we smile and be exuberant at times, we need to be prepared to be unhappy or sad also. It's part of life. Instead of understanding this, many take unhappiness to the next level, get depressed, desperately find unpleasant shortcuts (addiction to alcohol, drugs etc), seek solace in prescription medications.

    Instead of ruining our lives further, can't we just accept that being unhappy is not wrong but normal.
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    When there is unhappiness only, you will understand the value of happiness. When there is darkness only you will understand the importance of brightness. So we have to taste all these things in our life. Even people who born with a silver spoon in their mouth also may be unhappy one day during their lifetime. That all depends on how you perceive your life. If you expect an income Rs.100/- by any chance if you get only Rs.99/-, you will be unhappy. But without any thinking, if you got Rs.99/- you feel happy. So don't expect haven to come down. Be practical and don't think anything more, be content with whatever you are having. Then you can face any kind of unhappiness in the life.Expecting miracles and worrying for that is not advisable. Be practical Whatever comes gracefully accept that. In such case co unhappiness will come near you.
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    A beautiful thread! Yes, It is quite normal to be unhappy. But to be overcome by this unhapiness and taking a rash and reckless decision will cause more unhapiness. We must remember this.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    A good thread with a signal and message.
    We know how precious our normal daily life and happy moments are, only when we feel the unhappy moments.

    It is just like the mention of loss suffered by a railway accident or by a hartal. It is then that we become aware that on other normal days these were the gains. Occasional mood of unhappiness can be tolerated and accepted.However our aim should be to come out of that very soon, as early as possible and further try to reduce such occasions in future.
    To be balanced and go into depression needs conscious training our mind and tuning our attitude by self esteem and confidence.

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    Good topic from the author! Yes, we become easily unhappy if the things we wish do not happen. Even if our brain understands that these things are common in life, our mind takes a long time to accept it. When we face such unhappy situations, just think of the people who is in a worst situation than us, instead of comparing with the people ahead of us. Being unhappy ruins our lives and the lives of our family members. Is it not better to stay happy with what we have rather than thinking what we don't have and spoil the good moments.

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    A very valid statement. Being unhappy is a normal thing but we often see it as a tragic situation. We are ruining the complete day or a week or month thinking about it. What do we gain from doing so? Nothing, but just ruining and wasting those days which could have been spent happily and peacefully.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    In life we will face a whole range of feelings and attitudes both positive and negative ones. But we should never accept it as normal to be unhappy about things. It will like digging a pit for yourself and getting deeper into it. We should strive to get out from that place/position and have a 'never-give-up' attitude. It is true looses and setbacks make us feel defeated, and yet, we have to recover and move on.

    Some scenarios where the person has accepted it as normal to be in a bummer:
    You are a parent with kids who look up to you – you'll fail them miserably and lose natural love and respect.
    You as a teacher – you will damage the future of the wards by your grumpy looks and behavior.
    You as a team player – you will get dropped from the team as your negative outlook bothers others who want to win.
    You as a soldier in an active frontline – your overseer may be allowed to shoot and kill you for your depressive morale on other soldiers. (any military person may confirm or correct this).
    You as a young person looking for a life partner – you will keep on looking till you die as no one would want to be near you!
    You as yourself – well. We all slip and fall in the gutter at times. There is nothing that says we have to stay there. So get up and out!

    As an added incentive, be aware that nowadays there is a lot of talk in the media about depression and accepting it as a permanent feature. Be not deceived, besides the obvious goal of getting delivered from that, there is a push by pharma companies to make profit exploiting this. They want to force medication you have to take for long time or rest of life, and that itself will cause full dependency on the legal drugs to your loss and someone else's profit. Already there are some famous people who speak up about this, who are mostly being used to promote the deception without their knowledge.

    Being depressed and unhappy is a choice you can make. Don't let anyone tell it is not a choice and you are stuck with it. One base line for the cure is stop looking at your own self, and look outward to someone else who may need some encouragement or boost that you can provide. Soon you will be happily out of the slimy, stinky sewage pit and into enjoying life. Don't accept it as normal, but rather as an enemy that needs to be destroyed.

    All happy and famous people became so because they chose to ride out the defeats in life and overcame them. Now depression only flees from their presence.

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