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    Our place of six feet is already reserved for us.

    We come alone to this world. We go alone from this world. In between, we have to play our own role. Once we come here we will be under the thoughts that we are permanent here. We wish to have a big bungalow, big car, very nice family, powerful job, good bank balance in our account. In the pursuit of getting all these, we struggle day in and day out and make a lot of efforts for acquiring all we want without even caring for our health and family. Ultimately when we become old and not able to go anywhere and do nothing, once you look back you will understand the mistake you have done in your life by suffering a lot to earn a little which is lying in the bank and no way useful to you. By the time we realise this fact we are at the fag end of our life. We don't know that our requirement of six feet land after our death is already reserved for us.
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    Right sir. But we nobody knows where it is. In my case my father born in one village, served
    and lived in one city, lastly he lived in Chennai with us dissolved as ashes in Bay of Bengal. My mother born in one village married my father in another place, lived with my father in another city but last her breath in Chennai . Similarly my wife born in one place, did her education, job and marry me in another city later she lived with me and last her breath in Chennai. So, we do not know when and where our destiny written but in spite of this we flight ourselves for this and that without knowing that 'we are not going to take any single bit with us during our last journey.

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    A thread dealing with a philosophical fact, which is always forgotten by every human being in his day to day life.

    Our religious texts and Gurus have given us ample teachings on this regard.
    Adi Sankaracharya's "Bhaja Govindam' deals on in this subject in a simple and direct way easy for us to understand.

    In one of the stanzas, there is a mention ' Gataviti vaayo dehaapaaye, bhaaryaa bhibhyati tasmin kaaye'- That is, once the breathing stops, (person is dead) even the darling spouse who had slept with the person till yesterday , now fears on seeing the (dead) body.
    Just as we came empty handed, we go back also empty handed, alone. That does not mean that we need not possess any worldly assets or relations. It is that one should not be extremely, possessively attached. There should be a detached attachment keeping in mind that we are all mortals with a certain assigned time in this world. So we should do good during the life time so that our virtues and goodness remain and remembered.

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    It is a philosophical thread. Who knows what is in store? Who knows what would happen in future? Why don't we think that a panacea of all problems will be found by the scientists? Lets be optimistic. Let's hope for the best.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It is true that we forget the fact that we have to leave this earth and our belongings one day. We are busy conquering things and adding to our worth. Like how we came with nothing, we will have to leave without taking anything. Like Mr. Ramachandran said, we do not know where we will spend our last days and how we will be cremated.

    All that we have made during our life time will not come to save our life, as death is inevitable. But that doesn't mean we have to be idle throughout our life. We have only one life and one day we will leave this place, so enjoy the life, love others and do good things. Heaps of money, fame or popularity cannot save us from death.

    Like the author said, we will regret during the old age but then it will be too late.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Yes, it's decided the day we were born, only thing is we don't know it yet.How we live our lives depends on the way we were brought up, the moral values we cherish and our outlook on life. Nothing is permanent in life yet we chase endlessly for worldly comforts that money and power can buy. I have seen people helping others without even expecting a word of thanks and I have also seen people who stoop to low levels to earn money, save their jobs, destroying the career of a colleague for personal gains. It's a shame that people do it for a perverse sense of achievement. We should have the goodwill of people, a sense of satisfaction that we have not hurt or harmed anyone and we have helped someone in need. Then, when we grow old, we can think, recollect the phases of our lives and feel contented that we have at least done something good in life.

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    At least once in a while if we just remind ourselves this fact we may correct our selfish attitude. Our ultimate need is "aarati mannu" ( six feet soil) but we go on enmassing our property with whatever means possible. Now a days the news paper contain reports of illegal encroachment of public place. They use their power and money to face related enquiries. These types of encroachments are very common in forest areas and backwaters. They fill the water bodies with soil brought from hills thereby imbalancing the environmental balancing. Why all these unsocial activities, only to end up in six feet soil.
    In our system instead of ending in six foot soil, many end up as a bowlfull of ash. However the ending must be always in our mind so that our selfish life style could be changed. There is a famous Malayalam film song sung by late Kamukara Purushothaman which highlights this. "Illa jathikal, bheda vicharam, ivite pukkava oru Kai charam. Mannavanaatte yaachakanaatte, vannitumotuvil vanchitha natuvil".( no caste differentiation, here it is a bowl of ash. Whether a king or a begger end up at this pyre).

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    Yes death is imminent and that is going to happen without giving prior notice. For some they think that they have come to this earth for completing many tasks and they plan huge things in life which they cannot achieve and repent for having wasted time. And earning money for some is a passion . They think that they have to earn enough and more money to lead luxuries of life. But in the process their life gets deteriorated and wont even be alive to go through their best time of life. And those who have earned enough money have always realised their mistake of amazing wealth for no reason and thus created charity trusts and thus closed their lives.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I don't necessarily agree. Even death is nice towards the rich. Rich get a funeral service while the poor rot to death in roads.
    Rich get a swift and an easy death. While poor struggle to their last breath and give up on life.
    Rich and poor aren't statuses, they are two different worlds.
    Then why should we settle for less? What is wrong with being ambitious? What is wrong in struggling for the luxuries you never had?
    I don't think a person should be content to what he has. Because such people cannot survive in this constantly changing world.

    Six feet down the ground isn't what I aim for. I want a seat beside Gods in the heavens.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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