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    Oh God! they lost the food on the plate.

    Today morning I was travelling to my office in my vehicle. The driver is driving the vehicle. I was sitting in the front seat by the side of the driver. After travelling some distance a college student came very fast on his bike and overtook us. His was driving very carelessly and very fast. In our way, there is an engineering college. We reached there after about 7 minutes of that boy has overtaken us. A big gathering was there near the college on the main road. From the distance, my driver told that it may be an accident. As we reached near the spot a bike was fallen down and just gone to the end of the road and the boy who overtook was lying the field on the roadside. We slowed down and enquired there, the boy was dead and he was in the final year of B.Tech in that college. That boy is taking a turn near the college without observing the opposite vehicle with a very high speed. The opposite vehicle tried to stop the vehicle but couldn't stop as the boy came very fast. I felt very sad. The parents might have struggled a lot to send his son to a private engineering college by paying more fees and the boy is about to complete his studies. The parents might have enjoyed the life if that boy completes his education and joins in a job. Unfortunately, he met with an accident. The young people should learn a lesson from this kind of happenings. Be careful while driving a bike. I felt that the parents of that boy might be very very upset. They lost the food on the plate before eating.
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    God forbid such sad events. My heart weeps for the bereaved parents. I is said that 'putra dukkham dine dine'. Such sorrows never get erased Like hiccups, it torments the parents every day, every moment. We can only pray that let such things not happen . We can only pray that let good sense prevail on the mind of the rash youngsters.

    Whenever I come across such reports I just pray to Go that let such incidents not recur. It disturbs us also.

    I recall a couple of relevant road signs in this regard: 'Speed thrills, but it kills too". " It is better to be called Mr.Late, rather than (Late) Mr.. "

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    We feel very sorry on hearing such incidents. Such incidents keep happening on and off. The young college boys and girls are very confident in their driving skills. Many of them do not wear helmets. Overtaking and road rage have become routines.
    The drivers should always think that there is someone waiting in their homes. Parents are the most happiest people when their children return home safely. Don't take away the food on the plate of anyone in your home. Drive well and reach home safe ..all

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    A promising young man has lost his life. It is a great loss for the college and the society. And who can console the hapless parents? Unnecessary high speed takes away many innocent lives in India every year. May God give mental strength to the parents to bear such loss.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    In many houses couples are longing for a child. After getting a child with much difficulty, care, stress they made th chile into a man shape. But in the middle they took anything as fun and joy. In students playing with jolly is necessary but there should be a limit. In Chennai, we are seeing many such deaths that too in student level. Not only they are rash driving but consuming alcohol is also leads to such accident deaths. A rich man in our neighbourhood constructed a big house in his son's sake. For his study he arranged admission in a high level college -not only for him for his two friends in the same loality, that is their three houses in the same nearby locality as a triangle. The three studied well for the four years and got degree with good marks to honour the name of this rich man. His also got an admission in foreign, they felt happy. To treat their joy the three took a jolly trip to Mahabalipuram before a week the boy about to leave this country. Alas in a rash driving after drinks on the way of return collies in an accident, the three died on the spot. It was very pity to see the three dead bodies at a same place. Think over the situation of the three parents.

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    There are many such incidents happening these days. Last week my friend's friend had passed away in a bike accident. He was just 23 years old and was the only son of his parents. Imaging the plight of the parents. Like Venkiteswaran sir said, the sorrow of the parents will be there forever.

    Either parents should stop buying bikes for the kids or the kids should learn to drive safely. Otherwise, sorrows will never end,

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    My sympathies for the family who have lost a breadwinner who is yet to see the world.These events happen all around us almost on a daily basis leading to unnecessary loss of life. We can call it fate but if we were to analyze these events to find ways for preventing it, there would be the trio of death - man, machine and the infrastructure. Being in a metro city, I can safely say that all three are at fault, man for not being a responsible road user, infrastructure for lack of good roads with signals and turnings and, lastly the machines. If we just observe these new motorbikes, the way they can accelerate, the way they zigzag, they have the amazing power that unfortunately is not designed for many Indian roads. Why license a machine that is so powerful to run in an environment that's not suited for it. Humans cannot beat fate, at least they can be responsible road users.

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    We always hear such incidents daily. But why youngsters are not thinking about the consequences that their speed driving leads to. They just do such things out of crazy or to show-off, but the impact falls on the parents who struggle to give them good education. Their dream to see their child in good position in the society and their belief that their children will take care of them will be shattered. Youngsters should think at least their parents when they indulge in such acts.

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