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    Don't keep them under lock and key.

    The money or ornaments which we are keeping under lock and key is of no use to us. To some extent, we can keep there for our unproductive days.
    similarly has a human being we have to have some good ethics and morals during the lifetime. We should have a helping hand and we should always come forward to help others to the extent possible to us. But some people will keep these ethics and morals under lock and key. They don't bother about the neighbours and they never think of helping others. They will be always busy in earning and keeping that amounts under lock and key. Thus they are wasting money as well as moral values of the life also by keeping them under lock and key. My advice to such people is not to keep those this under lock and key forever and better use them for some good deeds.
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    It is natural that burglers and decoits target the places where the ornaments and money are kept under lock and they try to break open and flee.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, there are people who keep the morals and ethics under lock and key but they are not many in number. Mostly every person might have helped at least one person in their lifetime. If you are not ready to use your hard earned money to help others, it is fine but you can help others in person too. I don't believe that giving money or wealth is the only way to help. Being for them or supporting them in a bad situation are all ways to extent your help. Whatever help one does, should come from his heart and not just to show off. Then there is no point in doing it.

    If even the help which does not require money is also not provided by a person, then I feel he is living in an isolated world. We never know when he needs a help and then no one will be there to help him. Money and fame will not come to help always but the next door neighbor can come for your help always. Some people forget that in life, they only realize it when something bad happens to them. One might not be able to help always but at least whenever possible, do it.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Idle assets are almost wasted assets. Anything stagnant becomes decayed.Blood in our body has to be in constant circulation. If it gets blocked, that creates problem for the body. Even if it is for a little time, that part becomes numb and frozen, making that part near dead.

    Similarly money hast to turn over. If it remains stagnant, then it is almost useless. The comparison can be extended to talent, creativity and aspirations. All those should not be allowed to be kept under lock and key. They should be allowed to be used and exchanged, added with value and become useful to all.

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    Many human beings help others in time of need with our without being asked. Often this help would be in non-monetary fashion. There are few who would not have the mind or intention to help others even though they can, donating money alone may not be good enough to be called a person with good moral values. Often people help others with a hidden reason behind it, which means they expect the favor or help to be re-paid back to them. The intention to help people when we can should be let out and not locked in.

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