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    The attitude one possess acts either as a lock or key to move into the door of victory

    Our state of mind acts as a lock and key to our success. Our mind should play the role of a key to open up the lock. The mind power we possess depends on the state of life and we are solely responsible for the attitude we possess.They don't shape overnight but instead, over the span of one's life.

    The art of living is achieved through the positive attitude and it is believed that if we have a positive approach, success will be on the way. However, certain attitude creates a negative impact, and the persons who are performing an act half-minded will not succeed when compared to the persons who is approaching with a right attitude. So it is very important to choose the path of right attitude in life. As mentioned already, an attitude is developed within us with our own ignited personal experiences. So we are responsible for recognizing the negative attitude which is the hindrance of our success and eliminate it.

    Finally, if we are able to possess a negative attitude, it is sure that we will be able to develop a positive attitude which is more fruitful. Eventually we will be surprised to know that we can do right things with right attitude and it is the key to success.
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    Good thought from the author. A winner would always aim to outsmart others and in that case he would lock the chances of others by firmly registering superlative performs and thus locks others even to open his records. Yes for everyone attitude matters. If we think in right line,the out come would good, if we think on wrong notion,the out come would be bad and some times even defeat our own thoughts. But also give chance to others to perform. Then only we can also win against a formidable candidate.
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    True, our success greatly depends upon the attitude we possess. One of the keys to achieve success is having a good attitude. Like the author said, we might end up locking the success if we have a bad attitude.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    A positive approach will always bring success. Once you start a work with a positive note that I will succeed , then we will see that we will be successful. We never leave any stone unturned to be victorious. At the same if you start with a doubt of succeeding you will face many hindrances and in between you may have to stop the work or you may be successful. End result may not be as expected also. If you start the work with a negative attitude that we can't win, chances of succeeding will be very very remote. It is the attitude that de ides the out come. I have many personal experiences where in I have started many works with a positive frame of mind I achieved the final goal. So with my own experience I can tell that surely your attitude is one which decides your path and victory.
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    A good thread for the TOW, yes to succeed, to taste victory our attitude is also important. Waiting for a chance to come to us is a passive approach to success, a positive attitude would be to go looking for chances and then prove ourselves. A positive outlook, confidence along with knowledge and skills would make victory possible in many of the tasks that we undertake. Preparing for exams, going for an interview, asking for help, knocking on the doors for start-up companies all need the right attitude, if one is worried, has negative connotations and self-doubts, then success would elude us. Recently there was a video on what'app about a model whose shoe breaks on the ramp and she slips, many would be embarrassed or turn back and go away. But this model clapped her hands, took off the other shoe and completed her round on the ramp. That's attitude, positive thinking even in adverse situations.

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