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    India is now having the expertise to do air to air fuelling of IAF air crafts

    It was reported that An Indian Air Force Embraer transport aircraft which has specialised to conduct Airborne Early Warning and Control function, has now successfully carried out Air to Air Refuelling , to fly a long duration flight beyond the aircraft's stated endurance. It is also the first time that Air to air fuelling has been carried out on the Embraer platform. With this technique the IAF becomes more self reliant and it now ready to combat with any kind of threats from out side countries and the planes need not come back to hangers for refuelling.
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    It is nice that we got a new technology of air to air refuelling system. It will help for the air crafts which has to fly longer distances. Day by day our defence departments are becoming more and more strong and self reliant. This is good for the country's defence.It is good to note that the planes need not come back to hangers for refuelling.
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    Embraer is a commercial aircraft manufacturer like Boeing. India had tied up with this Brazilian company to have Indian made 'Active electronic scanned array' radar. This aircraft basically is like a mobile intelligence outpost in the sky safeguarding the country and the borders and coastlines. The first aircraft was inducted into the Airforce in 2012 and displayed in the Aero show 2013. Apart from the radar, the other unique feature in mid-air refuelling. It is not a combat aircraft but a reconnaissance or patrol aircraft.

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    Slowly India is getting used to all the best technologies in the world and poised for great leap.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes sir, I think this is more related to India as a customer or a client, we have Embraer from Brazil, we are neogiating for Phalcon, similar aircrafts from Israel. We have the bullet train from Japan, Rafale combat aircrafts from France. These are multi crore deals and in the simple sense means that we are customers with cash/credit lines and we are attractive to the sellers.

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