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    I like very much to wait,do you?

    Many of us got annoyed to wait even for a single minute.But I never hesitate to wait irrespective of any place like bus stop, bus stand or railway station. If asked my wife to come for shopping, I go to thplace of waiting before time so that she should not wait there which may turn to worry. I never made others to wait for me and make up my time accordingly. Many relatives of mine use to mock my this habit but following the same till date. I make up myself enjoying the situation and surroundingly g while waiting as one eminent English author G.K.Chesterton wrote.
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    It depends. When I have a specific target, when I have a specific work to do within a limited time, I become very impatient. In other cases, for example, while going to library, cinema or market, I don't mind to wait. I love to walk at leisurely pace, enjoy the nature and also overhear the conversation of others, if I feel the conversation is interesting.
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    Generally it is very difficult for me to wait for long time. I fix up the program and follow the timings as decided. I will never make others to wait for me. i will be on time. But I feel restless one somebody won't make it in time as per the timings decided. I will try to go a little early than the time given and I will wait after the scheduled time also for 10 minutes. Beyond that it is very difficult and I will become impatience. I feel my time is important for me like their time to them. Why should I waste my time waiting for somebody else. But if I plan a stay some where, I go and stay as per my plan and visit the important places. If I go for shopping with my family, I will leave them for their shopping and I will sit some where and enjoy the surroundings till they complete their activity. Before we start from the house itself we will have a schedule of time and follow that as planned. Sometimes when we go to doctor or some VIP we have to wait for our turn. We can't do anything.
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    I would say, what you are doing is a good thing. Being on time or a little early is always good and also, having patience is another asset. I do not mind waiting at the bus stop for some time but it irritates me when I have to wait for too long. My husband never likes to wait, I am far better than him. But after marrying me, now he had learned to wait a little. Like every other lady, I too take time to dress up and he has no other option than to wait. I feel after marriage man learns to wait.
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    It's good that you are prompt and have the patience to wait for others. Many of us, including me, get impatient for a valid reason or sometimes just because we are not used to waiting. Waiting for our turn to be served or get our place etc is fine as long as the circumstances are valid. But we are often made to wait for no fault of ours but for lack of coordination and good service at the other end. A chronically understaffed office, regular delays in bus service, long queues in government offices, waiting in the doctor's office unnecessarily, these are things that annoy people as there is plenty of reason to improve the service and ensure that people who are on time don't waste their time. I feel waiting patiently or passively makes the problem worse, after some time we should make our annoyance visible to the person at the desk and this makes things move a little faster.

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    The author is in my league. I am also habituated to wait for a person or task and some times the wait makes the opposite person to say sorry and mend his ways. Once a person called me to his office at 11 am and I was there at 10.55 itself. By 11.15 am I called him that I am already at his office and has some other works to attend. For which he asked me to wait for another 10 minutes. Then it was 11.45 and I started receiving calls from other person where I was suppose to be there by 11.30. I preferred to stay and wait for the person. He came at 12.15 but I lost other appointment which I told to him for which he said sorry and pleaded that he would maintain time in future.
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    Waiting is not preferred by me. Whether it is waiting for somebody or a bus or train, it is all the same. If the waiting time is more I feel so much frustrated. Moreover the idling time becomes a waste.
    The same mental attitude is there when the vehicle in which I am traveling is held up due to a traffic block. Wasting time in what ever manner is not a welcome thing as far as I am considered.

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    It is nice to note Mr. Ramachandran sir that you like waiting, it is very hard to be like that in today's time. Waiting or having patience with things is not possible for everyone.
    Even I do not have much ability to wait, not even for a person or thing. In fact, I tried to indulge this habit in me, but I was not able to do so. I think it all comes out of your nature.

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    I also ".. never made others to wait for me and make up my time accordingly. "

    I am not that patient always to wait for others unnecessarily. But if I do not have any other engagement and I can have something to keep myself engage I do not mind waiting within reasonable limits. But I get impatient when I have to stand in queues for longtime without any precise information how much to wait. Many times I have come leaving that.

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