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    Want to understand the implications of locking of thread

    I am a serial offender. Many of my Forum posts get deleted. Some Forum posts are locked with reduced points credit. And some other Forum posts are locked. In case of locked threads, no further discussion is possible.

    I want to know whether we (the Members of ISC) should take locked thread as a type of punishment or disciplinary measure imposed upon the erring Member. A thread is deleted if it is of poor quality or has copied content. But why does the Editor lock a thread? What are the grounds for locking threads? Why should a locked thread be considered a punishment? Does such thread anyway hamper the earning/possibility of earning by the erring Member.

    This is a genuine curiosity. This question is not raised to create dispute. Editors and senior Members may kindly clarify my doubts.
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    As far as I know it is not a punishment. A thread is locked means sufficient discussion is over and no more new points will come for discussion. If the thread is of pure quality or copied content or repetition, the lock will get rejected. If a doubt is there it may be kept in pending section and then a decision as deemed fit will be taken. But some threads which are for clarification sort of issues once the answer has come and no more discussion is required then the thread may be closed. If some unnecessary discussion is taking place which is not desirable at that time also the thread may be locked. This is as per my observation on this site from the last one year.
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    I do not think it is a punishment given to any member. In some cases, a member might raise a thread without knowing that a similar thread with almost the same content is raised during the past few days. In such cases, the editor who has seen both the thread will lock the second thread as the discussion is already going on in the first thread. There is no point of having the same discussion in two different threads. If threads of similar nature or content are posted continuously, other members won't feel like responding, and it will make forum dull. To avoid that the editors lock such repetitive or duplicate threads.

    In some cases, the editors find certain threads to be irrelevant or against ISC rules, hence they might lock it. Sometimes, when there are unnecessary diversions or discussions in a thread, it might be locked. I have never seen a thread simply being locked by an editor during my stay at ISC.

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    A locked thread doesn't mean that we are offenders, the content and the message conveyed would be inappropriate for the norms of the site, it may be flouting regulations that oversee the quality of the site. As long as we are clear in our minds that the content is not copied or the thread is duplicated intentionally, then it's fine to expect a clarification for the reasons to lock the thread. If the primary cause resulting in the thread being locked is similar on each occasion, then the member has to avoid it or repeat being aware of the predictable outcome.

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    Day before yesterday, I raised a thread expressing my joy over Ravichandran Ashwin becoming the fastest 300 wicket-taker of the world. As Ravichandran Ashwin is an off-spin bowler (I used to bowl off-spin), I have been very happy. Today morning I found that the thread has been locked.

    So, I have raised the thread to know the reason why threads are locked. Are there any specific reasons behind locking of thread? What are the consequences of locking a thread for the Member who raised that particular thread?

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    I also feel, some threads are locked suddenly, for which I am unable to find a justification. These can discourage members to post. Locking of some of your threads may be justified by your extreme views on the subject. Whether considering this action as a punishment/disciplinary action or not,are up to you, how much you wired to your threads.
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    Good heavens, no, Partha! We do not lock threads as a disciplinary measure or as a punishment. Whatever gave you that impression?! The reasons given by those who responded here do clarify the various possible reasons for locking threads.

    We lock threads which are -
    1. Limited to a date, such as that of a one day festival.
    2. Repeating a topic (if exact same, then we are likely to reduce the points.)
    3. Creating a flame war (we will allow an issue to be raised and debated hotly, but will lock it once it has gone far enough.)
    4. Having a discussion which is eliciting repetitive responses and not making any headway.
    5. Having responses which have taken the main topic off-track & we do not see any possibility of further discussion on the topic.

    Your thread about R. Ashwin was stating a fact (a record) which does not really seem to have the potential to elicit any detailed discussions.

    As to what are the consequences - well, none negatively; on the positive side, it will hopefully encourage the member to learn to raise topics for interesting, detailed discussions.

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    Ms. Vandana: thanks for explaining the reasons for locking of threads.

    So far as the thread on R. Ashwin is concerned, when I used to follow cricket very actively, a subject like this would elicit information on related issues like:-
    (a) Who is the fastest 100 wicket-taker in test?
    (b) Who is the fastest 100 wicket-taker in India?
    (c) Who is the fastest 200 wicket-taker in test?
    (d) Who is the fastest 200 wicket-taker in India?
    and so on......

    Where have my friends gone? Where have those days disappeared?

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    Locking of thread may not mean to the ISC editors, but who raise the same matters most. One can infer much meaning from a locked thread. If our thread gets locked the following reasons may be one of them. That we have raised a unwanted thread which wont suit the forum for discussions or such threads appeared just few days back. When some threads aim at religions or personal mention on characters of public importance, then the editors may lock the thread. If the heading is something and the content is something, then the editor has the right to lock the thread.
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    @617724 Mohan ji,
    Issue is clarified well in the response #617689
    So, Be happy..!
    Waiting for your "off the hook" threads!!

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    And Neeraj interference here was never solicited and invited. Let the author respond to my reaction.
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    I think Mr. Mohan is correct. Editors' perspective is different. But a Member definitely gets hurt if his/her thread is abruptly locked. It is true for most of the Members.
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