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    I wish there were no lizards

    We can see different types of pests around us, like cockroaches, spiders, ants, lizards, bedbugs, mosquitoes, rats, termites and so on. Out of these which one are you afraid of? In my case, I hate lizards and I am afraid of it. In Kerala, lizards are found in almost every house and my stay there is made miserable by this creature. I have no idea how to get rid of it.

    People say, killing lizard is a sin. Maybe true. I have never attempted killing it as going near it itself is a nightmare for me. I have tried the cockroach sprays in the places where I expect lizards to be, but of no use. I have tried the egg shell idea also. I understand that it is also a living being and has the right to live but why in my house is bothers me.

    We can find lizards even in a newly constructed house, how does it get into that house? Is there anyone else like me who is scared of lizards or am I the only person? In my house, no one else is scared of it, but just me.
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    In our place also Lizards are there. But they will be some corner of the house most of the times on the walls only. We are not supposed to kill that. Accidentally if the lizard is falling on us basing on the part on which the lizard has fallen they will say whether it is good omen or bad omen. But the disturbance in kitchen is less from these lizards. The number of lizards are also less. In Tamilnadu in Kanchi in a temple on the roof there will be lizards gold lizard and silver lizard models. People who go on pilgrimage there will go and touch the. Then they say even accidentally you touch a lizard also there will not be any problem we believe.
    We have more disturbance with cockroaches here. If one comes to kitchen it will be followed by many numbers. We need not afraid of these pests but we have to see that they will not contaminate our food and we should find ways to send them off.

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    Many people, especially ladies are mortally afraid of geckos and cockroaches. My own sister, although she is almost 45 now and works in a very responsible position, is extremely afraid of cockroaches. But I have not seen many people who are afraid of gecko. Geckos remain at the corners of walls and are quite harmless. If any gecko comes near us, we are only required to clap loudly, it will flee.

    I don't know whether killing geckos is a sin or not, I have never thought of killing a gecko. But I know that people of various tribes (especially nomadic tribes) eat the flesh of lizards.

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    I think it's normal, many people cannot tolerate seeing a spider or a cockroach, you can't stand the site of the lizard.It's common in many houses, I've seen large ones in some places that at least two fingers thick and make a loud clicking noise. We have small sized ones that live around the tube light frames and around frames, they don't bother us. Once in a while, there would be a very small one that suddenly comes into our view in the floor, these we gently take it out with the help of a newspaper before it can jump off. Many people consider killing it is a sin.

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    I think lizards are human friendly and they keep the roof clean by eating away the mosquitoes and other flies gathered in the roof ceiling and thus they are helping us and not hindrance to our living. No doubt lizards are poisonous and we have to keep the lids closed in kitchen as lizards may loose grip and fall from the ceiling on food items and that is danger to us. Once it happened in our home when I was a child. The entire rice prepared for the day to be served to all has to be thrown away as the lizard fell in it.
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    Yes Chitra, I am also very afraid of lizards and cockroaches. We can kill cockroaches at least, but with lizard that too is not possible, as it is said as a sin. In my home, I have lizards all around everywhere. I take extreme care in kitchen and dining hall by placing all the items closed. Once, I have seen a lizard crawling in dining table too and sometimes it will be on the wall above my cot. I feel very scared, because they say if lizard falls on us, it is a bad sign. My grandmother used to say that, making a ball with a mixture of tobacco and coffee powder and placing it in every corner will get rid of lizards. I have not tried it yet, few people say even naphthalene balls will get rid of lizards, I am not sure with it though.

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    Lizards, like all living creatures, need food to sustain themselves. Lizards that live inside houses feed on insects like flies, mosquitoes, spiders and cockroaches etc. They actually help in removing harmful pests from your home.

    You can contact a pest control agency to eradicate lizards from your home. Alternatively, make sure that there are no pests inside your house. If you have cockroaches in the house, you will have lizards too.

    I am not scared of lizards, but I do get the creeps if I see a big cockroach or and huge spiders. Fortunately, I have neither in my home.

    Lizards are also nocturnal and hence most active when the lights come on. Make sure you have all the entry points blocked, so they cannot enter your home. And leave eggshells on top of cupboards, behind frames on the walls or anywhere else where you think they might be living. And make sure that you have no cockroaches in your house.

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    I kind of feel offended, because reptiles have a special place in my life. I equally love all reptiles.
    So, your wish of getting rid of these beautiful, majestic "dragons" is upsetting me.
    But nevertheless, here are few suggestions.
    Lizards are cold-blooded. That means, they can't control the body temperature. They need warm and damp places to live.
    If you eliminate all moisture and keep your room cool, with relatively low lighting, preferably blue light, lizards wouldn't dare to cross your room.
    This is a permanent solution unlike egg shell or chilly spray solutions.
    Lights attract insects and heat up the ambiance, so lizards are naturally attracted towards them. Keep close spaces as less as possible. Lizards love hiding behind photos.
    Clean the walls regularly. Super smooth walls never have lizards.
    Good paint often is more than enough to keep lizards away. Because they are guided primarily by sense of smell. The paints throw them in a daze.
    That being said, a very good smelling room also repels lizards.

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    Lizards feed on various small insects and creatures. The signal tat a place is infested with small flying and creeping insects and creature is the sighting of lizards and spiders.
    The only way to get lizards out is to see that other insects are not thriving in our premises.

    To drive away the insects you can use home remedies or the common chemical kitchen insecticides available in our stores. Also hygiene and cleanliness ensures that there is no infestation by insects and creatures. So we should keep our floors and walls clean always.
    We should regularly dust sweep our floors and walls, use wet mopping using some common floor cleansers. The kitchen platforms and sink should be kept clean and free of waste food accumulation. We should ensure that there is no accumulation of old and fermented food anywhere. We should keep our spaces free of clutter, as clutter provides very convenient hiding place for insects and creatures.

    To start with, earmark one day for cleaning your kitchen/rooms by using common sprays(taking proper precautions as prescribed) and then after waiting time cleaning and dusting. then follow up this with regular cleaning.
    You may also get service of a home pest control service customised for your needs.

    An insect free house will be automatically a lizard free house also.

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    By seeing this post my thought immediately gone back of 33 years. Once a Japanese officer came to our factory and during discussion with our factory engineers saw a lizard on the wall. Hope that he did not have seen lizard before he asked what was that. Our engineers could not catch the word in english in the tension and as he asked suddenly. In that gap one engineer asked me in tamil over intercom, I also could not catch the word but my senior gave hand and the same was communicated to the Japanese officer.
    I heard also that having lizards in house felt auspicious. And killing lizard leads to severe headache, it is told, may be to prevent killing them.

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