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    Do you do things with an expectation?

    I recently attended a stress management course for about one hour. In that they said, one of the reasons for stress is we expect returns for our deeds. We do good to someone and we expect them to thank us or at least be grateful to us. We feel sad when they did not thank us. But why do we expect it? People might not live up to our expectations and we can't change them. The only thing we can change is our thinking, expectations etc.

    We will definitely be rewarded for our good deeds, but may not be from the same person to whom we have done a favor. So, don't expect anything from them. They might reward you or else, someone else in the world will give you the reward. Almighty is watching us and he knows and does count on the good things we do, hence he will make sure that our good deeds are rewarded. A life without expectations itself can increase our happiness.
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    As a human being it is our duty to do our deeds and don't expect any results. When it has become inevitable to fight with Kauravas, Pandavas gathered the people who will support them and announced the war.Both the parties are standing opposite each other. By seeing all the relatives in the opposite Arjuna got perturbed and got down from the Chariot and told Krishna that he can't fight and kill all near and dears. Then lord Krishna narrated him the secrets of Dharma and that preachings are known to us as Bhagavad Gita. In that Lord explained that we are instrumental in carrying out the decisions of lord and we are no way to go out of the duties. It is the will of God and we are not the people to decide what to do and what not to do. He explains that as a human being go on doing your work. Don't expect any results. But due results will come in an appropriate way and time. This lesson we all should learn and Ho on discharging our duties without any expectations.
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    Do the best and leave the rest. We have come to this world to do something.when we render kindness we do not expect anything. When we do things for the sake of earning something, of course we do expect something. Selfish people will certainly expect something in return.
    In today's world people have stopped thinking about the will of the God. In spite of this there are many good people who are doing selfless service to humanity.
    It is true that good deeds done, without any expectations will definitely rewarded at some time or other.

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    Yes, we should not do things with expectations. It is not necessary that our favour is recognised by everyone. Some people are grateful and some are not grateful getting the help. But good works have good impact and bad have the bad impact. Good work pays a lot. We do what God wants. Every action is guided by God. God saves us with bad people. Good actions bring good people near us. Bad actions bring bad people near us. One of my relative, who is kind hearted and help everyone, was narrating, that what is the world, my own brothers became my enemy although
    I cared them and helped them in their education. Then, I told him, We should only do actions and don't worry about the results, the results are in the hand of God.

    Service to mankind is service to God.

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    I do expect one thing. Expect nothing. Don't expect your efforts will be fruitful. Don't expect the obstacles in your way. Just do what you're destined to. That will satisfy you enough to keep you happy.
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    When we are broad minded and having the tendency to help others regularly, we wont expect even a reciprocation from the person to whom we helped. But it becomes customary and important for those who seek help or expect others to reach out to them, to acknowledge the good deeds. Not every one would come forward and help us and there is nothing wrong to send a reciprocity message to the person who helped you. Even when you attempt a work never thinks that would go through or successful. if it does, then that is the bonus for you, and if you fail also you wont mind.
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    Excellent thread. Would we go to work if we are expected to work without a salary? I think It's human to do things with an expectation.It's a fact of life that we have to accept.
    We dress up at weddings with an expectation that we would be presentable and people will not shun us. We work with an expectation that we will be paid, we eat with an expectation that we can satisfy our hunger. We make mistakes and pray to God with an expectation that he will forgive us. We try to be extremely polite and efficient in the eyes of the boss with the expectation that he or she will keep us on their good books. So, it's normal to do things with expectations.
    When we move on to noble causes, moral and human idealistic values, then certainly yes, we should help people around us or pursue charity for the underprivileged without expecting anything in return. So I think it depends on the person and the context too.

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