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    Village or city better for retirement life

    One day we all have to retire and hopefully, we would want to have a happy and amazing retired life. Where do you wish to lead your retired life - in a city or a village?

    A village is a place filled with nature's beauty, innocent people, less expenditure, less pollution, organic food and so on. But access to various facilities might not be very much convenient like in a city. The people here know each other and might turn out to be of help. Leading your entire life in a city and moving to a village during old age might sound weird as you might not be able to adjust to things quickly at that age of yours. Isn't it?

    A city is a place which has man-made beauty in abundance. You have access to everything, you get things delivered even to your doorstep. But the issues here is too much pollution, busy life etc. People living in the next door might not know each other. The advantage being, you can travel anywhere without others help as metros, cab etc are easily available. You spend your entire life busy, do you want the retirement life also to be in a busy city?

    The preference depends upon each and everyone's taste and likes. Which one do you find better and the reason for it? Share it so that it will be useful for the other members as well.
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    Neither village nor polluted metro cities are good for peaceful retired life. Cities with less pollution and good medical facilities are ideal for retired people. I have seen many people settle in Chandigarh, Dehradun, Mussoorie or Darjeeling after retirement because these cities are comparatively less polluted, but have comparatively better medical facilities. Same is applicable for Goa. The Goa life is peaceful with less strain and good medical facilities. I dream to settle in such location after my own retirement.
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    This thread is directly related to my present status. I am now living in Kochi city in a house constructed by me. My parental house is in remote village in Palakkad district, almost 150 km away from here. Of course the house there is occupied by my youngest brother. But some landed property is there in my possession. I had an idea to shift to there when retired, first to stay with my brother and then construct house in my land. With this in aim I took up job in Palakkad district and worked there for about three years. But I had to come back to Kochi due to some family related problems. Then I was offered another job at Kochi itself. I worked there for about two years. Then again thought of moving but had to cancel due to some other works ( a book writing assignment).
    My aged mother was brought to my house and which necessitated our presence here. Later came another assignment in which I am still working (The presidentship of a Service Cooperative bank). This is for five years duration and will be over by next June. After that I think I may again start thinking about going back.
    In Kerala any remote place is accessible in a bus or in a car. Hence connecting with a town is not a problem. And all facilities that are available in Kochi are available there too. Perhaps a mall or grand hotels may not be there.
    However personally I wish to go back and enjoy a quiet life in that beautiful village.

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    For a happy retirement life it is better to stay in a calm and quiet place without any pollution. The place should be having minimum medical facilities. If some of our friends and relatives also stays there it will be very nice.In that area if you have time passing places like sea shore, temple,cinema hall etc., it will be very nice. In the state of Andhra Pradesh there is a city called Kakinada, a beautiful city. The name of the city is very famous as retired person's paradise. Many telugu people want to settle than after retirement. My sister and brother in law stays there. I am also lnterested in staying there.But my two sons are staying in Hyderabad, I don't think I can settle there. We have our own house in a very nearby village to-that city. As still I am working I have no chance immediately go there. I have to wait and see where I will stay after retirement. I have a duplex house in Hyderabad.Myself with my wife, two sons and two daughters in law and one grand daughter stay tougher here
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