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    Locks are good when the key is with you

    [This thread wins a special prize for the topic-based TOW of November 2017]

    Locks and keys provide us security. Imagine a life without lock and key or rather a door without a lock. We are safe, our money, documents, ornaments and everything is safe because we have proper locks and keys for each cupboard, door or gate. It provides us security as the keys are with us. When we do not have the keys, security is lost.

    Some of us might have lost a key, and we know how panic the situation is. We can't enter the house or open the cupboard. Some people lock up the car with the key inside. How terrible is it. The value of the key is better realized when we misplace it. If we fail to find the key, the lock itself becomes useless and we will have to replace it.

    There are some people who are put in chains due to their poor mental health. The lock and key of the chain is an obstacle to freedom. For them, the lock is a curse as the key is not with them.

    Locks are good only when the key is with you.
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    It is true that if the key is with us opening the lock is not difficult. I read a thread of Partha in which a man who makes keys illegally and encourage a gang of people to do all thefts was able to save a mother and daughter with a duplicate key which he is having, from a burning car by opening the doors with the keys he is having. Had he not having those keys with him, the two might have died. So whether legal or illegal if you have a key you can open the lock. By doing that the person got changed completely and joined in a locks making company. I have a experience of losing key. The panic and the trouble I faced at that time is very difficult to explain. Butultimately I obtained a key which can open the door. Once I opened the door I forgot all the hiccups I had for opening the lock of my house at that time.
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    A very good thread. Here we can take key as the decision-making. Yes, if we can take decision-making in our own hands, only then the the problems of life can be solved, i.e., the lock can be opened easily.
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    I can understand the trying time of those who lost their keys and unable to unlock and they have to literally break the lock to gain entrance. Good thread.
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    A nice adaptation of the lock and key concept. Many things are kept safe from theft and misuse by keeping the items locked in a strongbox or a safe box. The value of the key depends on the person holding it, our keys in the hands of a stranger may be harmless but the same keys in the hands of people we know (locker keys in the hands of maids, security guards, drivers) becomes a major risk because the key can be misused as the wrong person knows what's behind the locked door (bank cash van security guards themselves stealing money).Similarly, a lock (locked or unlocked) is meaningless as it's of no use to anyone. Challenged people, animals are chained in the guise of keeping them under control when in fact they are being denied their freedom. SO, we can say Locks are good when we have the keys, locks and keys are also prone to be misused by the wrong hands and for wrong reasons.

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