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    Ultra modern means extremely modern, then why same word Ultra used for extremists ?

    Whenever you read the news on Naxals attack, you will find the headings as Ultras attack so and so or Police killed ultras. Actually we use the word ultra to convey something extra ordinary or modern and this word many a times associated with fashion Industry and when some one is dressed nicely attracting the attention of others , we call them ultra modern. Then why the same word is used for those who carry out attack on others. Is that mean since they possess modern gadgets to attack other are they called ultras ?
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    The meaning of ultra is' going beyond others or beyond due limits '. this is as per the meaning in the dictionary. As extremists go beyond the limits in their attacks and activities they are called Ultras.If somebody very modern that is beyond limits they are called ultra modern. The material which is very fine is called ultrafine material.
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    Thanks for the response Doctor garu, by the way this post has been highlighted by Google with indexing my image also.
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    One of the meanings of the word 'ultra' is extreme or beyond normal limits. Very light material like muslin cloth would be called Ultralight. This is also applied to people who have extreme views of religion or faith or within a group. Such people often resort to violence and destruction. Hence referred to an ultra, an extremist. Glad to see that search engine optimization is working for ISC and you sir.

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