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    Musing of a convoluted mind: How to present the truth?

    As I am a male, there is absolutely no bar to indicate my correct age. As on 1st December, 2017, I am 50 years 1 month and 2 days old. This is the correct figure. But in our everyday life, we don't always give exact figure. As for example, I am writing this thread at 9.28 a.m. If someone asks the time, generally we say: "It is 9.30 a.m". Approximation is always accepted in society.

    So, my convoluted mind starts thinking. If I have to indicate my age, can I say: " I am a 30-plus healthy male"? It is factually correct. It is true.

    Can I present the truth regarding my age in this manner? Would it be appropriate to describe myself as 30-plus male? Members may kindly give their valuable opinion on this issue.
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    I think a 50year young person should say that he is a 50years young ang healthy man. That will be more appropriate. If you say 30+ others will receive it as you are in between 30 and 40. For approximation also there should be some limits specified That information of 30+ maybe Ra tuakly correct. But it will not give a correct idea about the person.
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    Well ageing is the natural process and one should not shy away or try to conceal it. In fact getting aged is the pride factor as every one shall respect you and give due regards. I just cannot understand why people wont reveal their real age as if there is going to be contest and given prizes for young and eligible. And I have also seen some people using age defying creams to conceal their wrinkles so that they may pretend to be young. But a aged person can be recognised by face and if he conceals also by saying, no one would believe especially if he happens to move with same aged person.
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    Just say "I'm just five decade holder yet".
    Well, that is the best way to show how young you're.
    We have been doing this as long as we know, we magnify 1 puny kilometre to a 1000 meters and make it look so huge.
    In the similar way a decade can compress ten years off your life. You're just 5 decade older.

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    The age of a person when asked is deemed to be the completed years as on date. To say that your age is 30 plus healthy male is factually wrong. Thirty plus means, you should be less than 40 years. When the age is asked, there is no need to specify that you are a healthy person or not. Whether healthy or unhealthy, the age does not change. In your case, you should say that your age is 50 years.
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    Why is it factually wrong? Doesn't 50-plus autometically imply that it is 30-plus? Okay I agree to the 'healthy' part. Where is the question of changing age? I think I can truthfully say that I am 30-plus.
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    If you say your age is 30 plus, you are telling a lie. Think logically when you are calm and cool. you can understand. If you still persist, I have to believe that your mind is convoluted which I presume is not the case.
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    As you want to present the truth, I think saying 30 plus healthy male is not the right way to present your age. It does not give the correct information. Agreed that you are above 30 years of age. But normally when we say 30 plus it means our age is somewhere between 30-40 and as soon as we cross 40, we start saying 40 plus. Here, you have already turned 50, half century and healthy, a great achievement. In this case, saying 30 plus sounds like you are too young. Maybe look wise you are young and people may believe it but I feel you should at least say 40 plus and after one year, you should change it to 50 plus. I also agree with the suggestion made by Mr. Aditya - just a 5 decade older.

    Normally people are hesitant to reveal their age, especially females. But in normal case males are ok with it. Another thing is that most men look young even though at an old age but that is not the case with women. Similarly, you might look young but if you are ok with revealing your age like you did now, then just say it as 50 or half-century.

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    If you say your age is 30 plus, you are telling a lie. Think logically when you are calm and cool. you can understand. If you still persist, I have to believe that your mind is convoluted which I presume is not the case.
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    How can it be a lie? If I say my age is 50 (instead of 50-plus) as you suggested earlier, then it is factually incorrect. If I say I am 30-plus, it is mathematically correct. I am thinking logically.
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    Read my first response completely. It is the accepted practice to mention completed years. Since you completed 50 years of age it is factually correct unless you are asked to tell the exact age. You are mathematically also wrong. No one mentions 50 as 30 plus.
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    My convoluted mind challenges the 'accepted practice'. We have to say truth, but truth can be stated in different ways. Precisely that I stated in my award-winning thread last week "Satyam bruat, priyam bruat...". Interpretatition is the responsiblity of others.
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    If you really wanted to tell the truth, why you have omitted the hours, minutes and seconds? You should have mentioned them also. By not doing so, you are doing injustice to your award winning thread last week.
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    I have immensely enjoyed the indignant reactions of senior Members to the light-hearted thread. The Members of ISC are really very serious!
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    @Partha: You have really taken me for a ride. I thought you are serious because you argue in such an improbable manner in some of your threads. Anyhow, thanks for the ride and at the end, I am benefited by 11 points.

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    Probably that is why certain companies are marketing something like 30 Plus tablets and medicines.

    People are expected to keep their word. There is nothing wrong to keep the word and not to changes after thirty. Not necessary to change frequently. We do not change our name or we do no add one alphabet each for every year completed. So it is absolutely logical and in uniformity that the name and age always remain same, at least from the age of thirty.
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    Again, we have to think to answer. I think the true answer lies in the way we read the thread in relation to the scenario rather than the actual answer itself. This is one such scenario, where is the truth is a relative concept and whether you are right or wrong depends on person perception.
    Taking the above into consideration, If one is 35 years old and presents him/herself as 30 plus, then it would be appropriate and closer to the truth which would be accepted by many in general. Whereas, if one is 50 years and presents as 30 plus, it indicates a smart or clever manner of presenting oneself. But this would be inappropriate or considered wrong because 30 is too far from 50, here comes the relative concept. This would be my views. I wish, I had participated earlier, I would have got more points!

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