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    The world is a mixture of good and evil.

    The world is a mixture of good and evil. If we want to guide by a good people, we choose good, If we want to guide by bad people we choose them. Duryodhana chose Shakuni as his guide. Manthara was chosen by Kaikeyi. Although Shakuni and Manthara were responsible for Mahavarata war and Lord Rama expulsion to the forest.But they are not blamed, but we blamed Duryodhana and Kaikeye. So we should protect ourselves from evil thoughts by selecting the right ideals.
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    I agree both Shakuni and Mantara are never blamed but it is Duryodhana and Kaikeye who is always blamed. They took the final decision, hearing someone else's words, hence the blame goes to them. One should be able to distinguish between what is right and wrong and who is right and wrong. We should not trust someone completely, instead, we should think whether what they said is right or not before applying it. Accordingly, we should take decisions or else we will be in trouble.

    Like the author said, the world is a mixture of good and evils. It is our decision to choose which one. Around us also there are people who pretend well in front of us and internally they might want to see our downfall. They are clever enough that they can make us believe and trust them. If we ever listen to their words and do things as per them, later we will be in trouble as their ultimate aim was not our success. We have to use our own thinking ability or brain before blindly listening to anyone, no matter how much trustworthy he/she is. No one will be there to face the consequences of our deeds or decisions so we have to be careful. Those who stand beside you even during your bad times are the real friends and not the one who is trying to put you into troubles.

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    It is true. This world is a combination of good and bad. If you want to be good you can choose a person who is good as your mentor. If you want to be bad you can choose a bad person as your mentor. I accept Sakuni is not a good man. But why he has become bad? Sakuni is the brother of Gandhari, the mother of Duryodhana. Gandhari as per her horoscope will lose her husband very early. Knowing this fact, the father of Gandhari get her married to a goat. The goat was killed and then made her marry Drutharasthra. This fact was not known to Kauravas. But during one of the days, Duryodhana came to know about this and got annoyed because the Pandavas called them as sons of Widow. So he sent his army and brought all important persons of Sakuni's family and imprisoned them. Daily he was giving only one piece of rice to each member. The Sakuni and good had a meeting in the jail. They thought that by eating one piece of rice every day they can't survive for long. Instead, they decided that the total food will be given to one person and he will survive. The person who survives should take revenge on the family of Duryodhana. They decided that Sakuni is given that responsibility. Sakuni is a cunning man. He deceived Duryodhana and seen that he will lose the battle. Duryodhana is only responsible for his downfall.
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    Many things in world are considered in our eyes as good vs bad,light vs dark,joy vs sorrow etc.As we grow, we pick and choose what we learn and whom we learn from. Although teachers teach many things, we retain the things we feel is important or good and leave the rest. Hence we should choose our mentors in such a way that we grow more mature in life with good morals and habits. Initially we may choose a wrong mentor but as we progress, we should have our inner/self judgement too. We should question what we learn, is it good or is it bad? This responsibility of ours is very important as we cannot commit wrong deeds and blame our mentor or teacher fully, we are also accountable. For instance, people learn self defense and handling weapons from trained experts, if used correctly it saves life, but we cannot willfully use it to harm or kill people and put the blame on the teacher or experts. Similarly we have learn things in life and then decide what is good or evil. College students would get a chance to try a cigarette,alcohol,drugs and other immoral acts. But not all get used to it because although it was within their reach, they shunned it because they could decide right from wrong.

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    That is right. The world is actually a mixture of good and bad people. The good people will guide you along with them. The bad people will guide you to the wrong way. We need to be wise enough to decide which path to chose. Different people will have a different type of attitude, a way of talking and manipulating others also. We need to capture what is good for us and leave all the bad behind our journey. It is always said, hear everyone but follow only what is good for you.
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    This post is the classic example to every one of us as we undergo the ordeal of dealing with those who may be good or many a times bad. By the way how can we know that a person is good or bad unless and until we have behaved with him or her for a while. And coming to the point of Shakuni as the evil character in Mahabharatha. Yes he was humiliated by Dhridharashtra during his childhood days and that revenge forced him to plan for a big game which would make suffer the entire Kauravas and that has happened. And regarding Kaykeyi order to Rama to go for 14 years exile in forest is the boon she has been granted by Dasaratha himself which she used at the right time. By the way for any mother seeing her son developing with much talent and rule others would be the first liking and hence she did that. So what they have done as per their situation and for us they seems to be bad characters in mythology.
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