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    Do you think it is worth changing your religion for the person you love?

    Love is blind and hence we might not think about the religion of our love, when in a relationship. But when is it becoming necessary to change one's religion? You were both ok with each other's religion initially and how suddenly religion turned out to be an issue? Can we call it real love?

    I wouldn't call it t be true love when one person is not letting the other person practice or believe in the religion he/she wishes to follow. The religion has never or will hinder your love, then what is the point of forcing? In some cases one of the partner changes the religion on their own will, I am not talking about such people as it is there personal wish. But I am totally against the people who force their partner to change his/her religion for getting married or after marriage.

    How can we say that the person loves us sincerely when he/she can't even accept our religion and us as we are? Like how we are letting them practice their religion, wouldn't they also let us do the same thing? Selfish natures and habits standing as an obstacle to the freedom of others cannot be termed as true love.

    Do you think it is worth changing your religion for the person you love? Do you think he/she will love you for the rest of your life?
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    It is quite often the family members that oppose the intercaste or religion marriages because they're worried about the society.
    And it definitely looks weird, seeing different people of the same family practising different religions.
    So it order to satisfy the society and their dead forefathers, the head of the family often discourage these kind of marriages.
    You are correct. What is gender, age , status , colour or religion before love?
    Mutual love is very hard to get and it is very foolish to let go of it. So couples, are ready to forgo their everything, just to be able to live together. Religion is one such thing.

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    If the love is true, and both have been decided to face any consequences in life., for them even changing the religion would be easy and they would do so. For them the main aim is to mingle to be single no matter the families show hostilities over their decisions and even friends wont cooperate. Normally a girl takes the extreme step of changing her religion just because to win over the boy she loves much to the annoy and anger of her parents. But over the passage of time everything gets settled and even the son in law is given due respect and the relations would continue as new.
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    We maintain different type of relationships in our life. Some of them are initiated by our own choice and some other relations happen to us on and by our birth.

    Friends, spouse are the relationships made and maintained made by our conscious choice. Similarly, to some extent colleagues, roommates, co-travellers etc are also can be chosen by us.

    In the case of friends, roommates, classmates, colleagues or co-travellers, we relate without compelling them to change their personal characteristics ,faiths and beliefs. We can comfortably co-exist and relate to them with all the express and hidden difference. Coming out from the same room or office among friends,one ofthem may go to the Church, the other to the Temple, a third to another place, but still return to the room and sleep i the same room comfortably and securely. They may discuss,debate and interact about what they did separately also. Usually no one compels the other to change his ways and conform to the other's ways. In fact some may even say not to copy and imitate him.

    For example if one of the friends is a smoker and the other a non-smoker, the smoker may tell the non-smoker not to s, bu not compel him to do so. Many friends , for company's sake may persuade the 'outstander' to be like them initially. But if he insist not be so and wants to be himself, they will leave him to his ways, but still be good friends.

    When this can smoothly go on why in some cases of interfaith marriage one spouse is insisted to change the faith or religion compulsorily? Very simple. Love and affection are not the binding factor for the compelling partner. It is only a mentality of possessing a product. It is that selfishness of a subjugator to his slave subject.The one who was compelled to change his/her faith will never get the position of an equal partner in such a relationship and will always be the subordinate and slave. During any dispute , the mention of original faith will be pointed out as provocation and winning point.

    True love and affection is unconditional and as is where is status. Imposing condition is just a trade. That is why even dowry is opposed by fair thinking people.

    So whenever one partner is compelled to comply certain preconditions or a quid pro quo in the name of love, please be aware that the love there is not pure and true. One should quit and come out of it without a sense of guilt or regret. Prevention is always better than suffering.

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    In between a true love of two persons why caste, creed and religion should come. The love is between two minds and two bodies. If it is a true love each will like the other as a person. Not the money they have, not their parents will come in between. Same way religion should not be a point. The person's food habits, behaviour and beliefs will not change even though they change their religion also. Behaviour will never change by changing the religion. For the change of a person, the mindset is required. In such why to worry about religion. Why should they change the religion? If it is for satisfying the family members there is no problem. If they accept for the marriage if they change the religion then it can be understood. Otherwise in a love changing of religion should not be thought off.
    They should think of their food habits and understand each other more than changing the religion.

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    Religion is one of the most important aspect in social life. Even the atheists are trapped in its complexities.

    Leaving ones religion for ones love is not a new thing. History is full of such narration.

    Logically thinking both the partners should leave their respective religions if they really consider love above religion and there after become cosmopolitan. This approach can only help such lovers otherwise it is always a losing proposition for the one who is changing or sacrificing his or her religion.

    Once the initial excitement of love is gone the one who has left his religion may suffer in the different culture and its rituals.

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    When the factor love vigorously entered in to the human life it was taken normally but when it crossed the caste and then religion the condition become worse. The lovers of cross caste, religion may live peacefully but the family members of both sides run peaceless life and live with either sorrow or enmity on the other. In some cases serious quarrels might ends in chopping and killing. The lovers of cross caste/religion should think their family members. Love in the respective age is common but it should neither infatuation nor body sake.

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    I don't think we should change region at all. whatever be the religion, people find love in the opposite person based on personal choice. It shouldn't matter what his or her religion is if love between them is true. Many people are forced to change religion due to external pressure from both sides, families, friends, authority figures, religious heads etc. Sometimes, one partner (bride or bridegroom) be individual choice would put a clause that the other person should change if the love has to move on to wedding, this would be due to the comfort of their own religion and the desire to avoid other religious issues in addition to one that is common with love marriages. I think honest people who respect their love and partners would leave the choice to them and support them either way to have a life they want. Forced conversions for the sake of marriage reveals the shallow feelings and a hint that potential issues would be happening in the future too,

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    If it is a true love between a boy and a girl then religion should not be a problem for their marriage. The love is between two persons not between the two beliefs. Each can adjust forgetting about the religious beliefs. They have another option, just forget about religions and live as two human beings belonging to different Sex. There are several couples following this method. All these are possible only if the love between the two is genuine and lasting.
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    If a person asks his/her partner to change his/her religion, that is not true love. Such person can't and shouldn't be trusted. On the other hand, If a person changes his/her religion, it shows his/her inferiority complex and lack of confidence. This is my firm opinion.
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