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    Cyclone Ockhi creating havoc - was there no advance warning?

    Check for updates on Cyclone Ockhi.

    I came across the news of Cyclone Ockhi wreaking havoc in the States of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The Navy deployed ships for search and rescue operations in the seas off the coast of Kerala. I am wondering why fishermen ventured out at sea. Was there no advance warning at all about the impeding cyclone? Or was it ignored?

    Those having any official updates and experiences of facing the cyclone can post them here.
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    It is surprising. There should be an advance warning system. The state government has to take Ll required precautions and see that human loss will be as minimum as possible. But I heard from the last two or three days the warning about cyclone is there. Then I don't understand how these fishermen went for fishing. They might not have cared for the warnings. Now Navy people are trying twotrace the missing people.
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    IMD issued advance warning for Lakshwadeep, Tamilnadu and Kerala at least 24 hours in advance. India's cyclone warning system is very very advanced and sometime better than that of the USA. This is for information.
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    There was a reporting by a famous blogger about a depression being formed close to
    Sri Lanka. It also stated that that it could form a cyclone . Heavy rains were expected .This was reported on 29th December late evening. I am not sure whether IMD had issued a warning .A request was there by the blogger to wait and refer to the Official warnings.
    Last year there was a cyclonic storm, vardah in Chennai which had also uprooted many trees and life was out of gear for 2-3days.Although situation was in control within a week. Each street had trees fallen.

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    The present warning in respect of Cyclone Ockhi:

    "The cyclonic storm 'OCKHI' over Southeast Arabian Sea continued to move west-northwestwards with a speed of 17 kmph during past 06 hours, intensified into a severe cyclonic storm and lay centred at 0530 hrs IST of today, the 01st December, 2017 over southeast Arabian Sea near Latitude 8.8º N and Longitude 74.0º E, about 110 km north-northeast of Minicoy and 290 km southeast of Amini Divi. The system is very likely to intensify further during next 24 hours. It is very likely to continue to move west-northwestwards across Lakshadweep Islands during next 24 hours and then move north/northeastwards during the subsequent 48 hours.
    Heavy Rainfall warning:- Rainfall at most places with heavy to very heavy rainfall at a few places and isolated extremely heavy falls (>20 cm) very likely over Lakshadweep area during next 24 hours and isolated heavy to very heavy falls during subsequent 24 hours. Rainfall at many places with heavy rainfall at isolated places very likely over Kerala during next 24 hours.
    Wind warning:- Gale winds speed reaching 110-120 kmph gusting to 130 kmph very likely over & around Lakshadweep Islands during next 24 hours and gradual decrease thereafter.Squally wind speed reaching 45-55 kmph gusting to 65 kmph very likely along & off Kerala during next 24 hours and along & off Karnataka coast during next 24 hours.
    Sea condition:- Sea conditions would be high to very high over and around Lakshadweep Islands during next 24 hours and high during subsequent 24 hours. Sea conditions would be high to very high along & off Kerala coast during next 24 hours and along & off Karnataka coast during subsequent 24 hours.
    Damage Expected over Lakshadweep Islands:- Damage to power and communication lines due to breaking of tree branches and uprooting of large avenue trees. Major damage to thatched houses/huts: Major damage to kutcha houses, some damage to pucca roads and flooding of escape routes. Damage to banana & Papaya trees and standing crops.
    Storm surge:- Storm surge of about 1 meter above astronomical tides very likely to inundate low lying areas of Lakshadweep Islands.
    Action suggested:- Lakshadweep Islands: Fishermen along & off Lakshadweep Islands are advised not to venture into the sea during next 48 hours. Kerala & Karnataka coast: Fishermen are advised not to venture into the sea along & off Kerala & Karnataka coast during next 48 hrs."

    The effect of the cyclone will be there upto 5th December, 2017.

    [For regular updates on the cyclone, please check:]

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    This time many places had warnings.Schools have been closed, Sabarimala pilgrims had been warned not be move in the night. Some reports indicate that Fishermen from Kochi have mentioned that this time they did'tn get any notifications. Fisherman in Kanyakumari, Tuticorin, Rameswaram had been warned not to venture till 1st December 2017. The CM of Kerala, has been quoted to agree that there were lapses in the state disaster management department. I hope there is no major loss of life and this does not escalate. We still have to hear about the effect on Lakshadweep. where, the Indian Meteorological department has issued a cyclone warning for the next 24 hours.

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    Some times the cyclones would change their course of route. If that was travelling in the ocean or sea, the weatherman wont reveal that importance. Since it is going to hit two states namely Tamil Nadu and Kerala, sufficient warning has been given twenty fours back. In fact in one of the Tamil tv channel I have seen the warning being given to the fisherman not to venture. I have also seen the warning appearing on WION television which was quite clear. If the fisher man wont see the tv warnings and news, then it is their fault. However the Collectors should have been given before hand information which could have passed to the fisherman by hoisting warning flags.
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    Cyclone is still continuing destruction in Kerala coast. Fishermen were not followed warning from Authorities.12 people dead and 126 missing as of now. I think, Kerala based members can give more details here.
    Bangalore is pleasant now with 17 to 21 degree temp.Good week end. Drizzling since yesterday causing traffic woes. Pot-holes reappeared

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    The effects and after-effects of cyclone will be distinctly felt at least up to 5th December, 2017.
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    Cyclone Ockhi is likely to pass by Gujarat and Maharastra in the next two days. The intensity has been changed from Very severe to severe. Fishermen are asked not to venture out from the night of December 4th for two days. Kerala CM has reached out to the center to declare Ockhi a national calamity. The center has promised more funds.

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    Cyclone Ockhi is yet another natural calamity which affected the south Kerala. Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Allappuzha are experiencing heavy rainfall these few days. Coconut trees were uprooted due to the wind. It has made people's life miserable. Mainly the people in costal area are affected.

    Few fishermen lost their life and many are missing. Thankfully few of them who were missing have reached the shore safely. Some houses near the coastal area has been destroyed. The delay in informing the public about the chances of this heavy wind had put many lives in trouble. Mostly it is the poor people living near the sea who are affected.

    Central government has provided support from their side. Protests are carried out in various parts of the state against the poor rescue operations from the part of the state government authorities. Still there are missing fishermen and hopefully emergency measures will be adopted soon to find them.

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    The cyclone has started moving towards Gujarat coast. Advance warning has been issued to Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa coastal areas (Konkan coast).

    So far as destruction caused by Cycone Ockhi in Kerala, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh is concerned, we are all sorry to note that the Kerala has not come out with flying colours in tackling the cyclone, compared to Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh fully utilised the advance warning of the cyclone and as a result, the damage is comparatively much less (almost negligible) in these two states.

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    Heavy torrential rain has been predicted for the region along the coastline of north Maharashtra. This includes the capital city Mumbai & south Gujarat areas as well. Between today and Wednesday, fishermen have been warned by IMD to not venture out into the seas off the coastlines of Goa, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. The real-time movement of the cyclone will be monitored and updates given by IMD every three hours.
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    I saw this thread just now only.
    From my understanding I can say that there was no sufficient advance information about the 'cyclone' .
    Actually a few days earlier the atmosphere in our place (which was blessedly not in the impact area of the cyclone)appeared cloudy and eerie as if due to a depression. So I checked the meteorological sites and news website to know if any depression is formed. At that time there was a mention of a depression in the Bay of Bengal and it was said that it may move towards the Eastern coast of Andhra and North Tamil Nadu. At that time there was no mention of Ockhi at all. Ockhi had originated from Indian Ocean south of Sri Lanka.

    Then one evening,at twilight, a cool breeze started blowing and it continued i the next morning also. There were intermittent clouds in the morning. My wife told me that tit was the typical Karthikai month breeze.
    But it was all on a sudden that the cyclone warning came and reports of incessant rains and wind even in the hilly ranges also.

    I feel that either the Met Department did not correctly guess the actual direction and power of the progress of the depression, or the change of direction and intensity was sudden and unexpected, than they could predict.

    Only a thorough analysis of the all the periodical input received from satellited in the met office and their interpretation can pinpoint the fact and fault if any.

    It was on the day of damage when I was listening to the news updates that it reported the cyclone at that time was about 70 kms from Thiruvanathapuram cost. I was really shocked, because 70 km is not at all a distance in such cases. It is almost the action area. How it was missed to gauge the speed and direction is a question to be investigated.

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    I have seen Ockhi not knowing that it was Ockhi. There was an advance cyclone warning from the Met department that there would be heavy wind of 60 to 70 km speed on the coasts of Tamilnadu ( It was not named then) and fishermen were requested not to venture into the sea for the next two days.

    On that particular day, I was in my village which is just 8 KM away from the sea. At midnight 0130 hrs, I was sleeping peacefully inside my old house. Suddenly I felt my bed becoming wet. It was due to the rain water gushing through the windows. I woke up, opened the door to see what was happening. Yes, there was a heavy wind with heavy showers. I could not sleep further. In the morning I could see two of my big trees which were 40 years old have been uprooted. Also, three in number trees in my temple premises have been uprooted. I could realise that Ockhi has played its role peacefully during the silent hours by uprooting many trees and electric poles. There was no electricity in my village for the next 60 hrs. I was in the dark, and the rain continued. Due to the heavy non stop rain, my newly dug borewell has sufficient water that will suffice for the next two years. I am logging into ISC after the restoration of power supply.

    As per newspaper report, another cyclonic storm 'SAGAR' is expected to play its role. It is said that the effect of SAGAR would be very severe.

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    Even as states are still reeling under the effects of Ockhi, the government is reviewing the preparedness for another depression forming in the Bay of Bengal around TamilNadu, Andra Pradesh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.This could lead to heavy rains in parts of the above states in the next 48 hours (7-8 December).

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