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    Every one is ready to donate cash or kind but not their valuable time ?

    The essence of time is being greatly regarded by many. For some they are ready to donate part of their earnings and even share some kind so that they should not be asked for the time to spare. For the working couples, they are ready to part with extra salary to the house maids or even elders who were drawn to look after their infants but at the same time they are not ready to spare their time even for one day to play with the child. Even during festivities the pilgrims wont attend the temples but they are ready to part with Pooja items and even giving liberal donations to priest to do the rituals but they wont take part.
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    A very correct and true observation.

    We are more ready to spare cash or other items, but very difficult to spare one's time. Nowadays when someone asks for our co-operation, the easiest way to dispose of such request is giving some cash. This leads to many unwelcome trends as the situation is exploited by self seekers and vested interests.
    The reasons is that every one of has only the same time-of 24 hours in a day. But when it comes to cash or other assets there is difference. No one can transfer even a small fraction of one's own time to another. Time has to be used and managed by oneself.

    We can entrust our other assets to someone else for managing on our behalf. Time cannot be entrusted like that. There is no way as of now to add to our quota of time. Any other asset can be increased by proper investment or even lending. Time has to be managed by one alone. That needs effort . The inherent nature of humans thus impedes bestowing our time for others . It is only when we feel that it helps us in some way that we use our time for others.
    The above attitude and approach has now led us to a situation that from a small friendship club in a small village to large NGO, they are all flush with funds and various other donations, but there are not much competent , capable, sincere and devoted persons to manage them. So many such organisations are being led and conducted by the same old people year after year, term after term.This also can lead to corruption, exploitation , misuse and fraud. This what we get to see in many examples.

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    True. You can lose money. You can again earn. You can lose other items. You can re-buy. But you can't lose time. You will never get back or you can purchase. Such is the value of time. If you donate 100 rupees, you may be able to earn 200 rupees. If you donate 1 gram gold you may bur 2 grams gold. But if you lose one minute, there is no chance to get it back. But you should spare some time for our family members and for our happiness. We should not always think of earning money only. What do we do by earning all the time? By struggling 24 hours to earn and without having any happiness in the life what is the purpose. So everybody should invest some time in our lives for doing good works, helping others, visiting good places and places of worship. Many of us are always busy in our own works and we will forget that our children are waiting for us at the home for spending some happy moments with us.
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    People have changed and the present day hectic life demands more out of working couples.For many time is precious.There are a few friends who have declined a good pay package as the workplace is far off and travel time in the city takes about 1 - 1/2 hours each way. This indirectly fits in the thread's title, people are willing to let go of a chance to earn more to save the unncessary waste of time in travelling. Similarly, many people don't mind giving away money in exchange for favours, work done and even while getting involved in charity, many prefer making a donation (for Anna dham at temples) rather than physically being at the venue and getting involved (serving food to the poor at temples).
    I think this is more to do with the fact the time is a fixed commodity and the rest is a variable commodity that we can adjust with.

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    We make money hence we are ready to spent it. We have the confidence that we can make money again. That is not the case with time, it is a fixed factor, hence time is very precious. We know that time does not wait for anyone and if we didn't use it wisely today, it is gone forever.

    Mr. Natarajan made a very valid point. People are ready to donate money for anna dhan but they lack the time to be present at the spot. When it comes to charitable organizations also, we might be ready to spend money but won't take the effort of being there physically.

    Even for our kids, we will provide the best education, best maid or the best baby sitter as we do not have sufficient time to spend with them. Instead of sitting with them, we are spending the time at work to earn more which will apparently be spend on the maid or the baby sitter. Also, we are destroying our health by working too much and taking stress.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Many of us hesitate or think more to donate money or in kind to any institutions or people by thinking their meagre money won't make good to the recipient. But they forget small drop makes ocean. Once a spiritual speaker late shri Kirupananda variar swamigal offered a small amount to start construction of temple but by seeing his 'start' many big shots offered more money and the temple construction quickly finished.

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