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    Hyderabad Biryani Have you tasted it?

    When any new person comes to Hyderabad for the first definitely they will think of visiting Charminar and Golconda Port. Similarly, definitely, they want to purchase some good pearls. In addition to this everybody wants to taste Hyderabadi Biryani. The dish is very famous and the taste is known to be very good. Hotel Paradise located in Secunderabad is the best hotel which supplies this dish. The area in which this hotel is located is well known by the name of the hotel, as Paradise Center. In the recent world industrialists summit also the state chief minister in his speech mentioned and requested all attendants to taste this dish definitely. In the recently concluded national Adimahostav in Delhi, this dish is declared as the best dish exhibited there and received the award. Have you ever tasted this?.
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    Yes there is no iota of doubt that Hyderabad Biryani is world class and no spicy dish can match to its taste. Those who are non vegetarians and have the liking to eat chicken or mutton, this biryani is served with both items and there are many famous eat outs in the city. If you are Secunderabad, Paradise and Garden hotel are the famous. If you are in Hyderabad, the Niagara hotel . Asian Hotel, Bawarchi are some of the best eat outs that offer authentic Hyderabad Biryani. Apart from that some house holds are also making this dishes and selling on line with door delivery tag.
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    Nice to hear about a dish that has made the city popular and even won awards. I'm sure people who love nonvegetarian food would enjoy this. I would try this when I visit Hyderabad. I've tried some street food during festival times, over a period of time the original recipe and the original shop selling it changes and more other variations start appearing. This slowly leads to the fall in the standards of taste and ingredients. Another issue is many sellers and restaurants would hang signs that what they offer is the original recipe but it would not be true.

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