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    This quarter GDP growth is 6.3%

    For the previous 5 quarters, the GDP growth is very slow. But the quarter July, August and September, this year started raising. This is recorded as 6.3% growth. The main reason for this is the growth and development in the manufacturing sector. Now all business people and Organisation understood the concept of GST. This is another reason for this growth. This year the first quarter has recorded the lowest for the last three years which is 5.7%. From that 5.7%, this has gone up to 6.3% this quarter. The Finance Minister says this is a good indication and the actions taken by the government for the development has started giving results. He says this growth will go further in the coming quarters. Let us hope for the better.
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    After a lull, there has been some respite of growth registered by our economy and thus shutting the mouth of many leaders who has been critical of Modi government and its actions. I can recall that our Finance Minister Arun Jaitely said previously that it takes time for the economy to revive after every major action taken by government but the opposition leaders and even economists in Congress party wont agree. Now that growth is happening, we can expect further growth as the people have accepted GST in big way and the flow of money in the market has eased largely and that will register further growth of economy.
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    Every impartial observer or economist would admit that 6.3% growth rate of a large economy like India during tumultuous situation (both nationally and internationally) is really praiseworthy. Very few countries, irrespective of size of economy, have achieved such growth rate in the quarter.
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    Even though it just the first quarter with good percentage, it indicates that the industry and economy are heading in the right direction. I hope we can sustain this growth of at least 2-3 quarters. This adds weight to the recent series of good news we are hearing about India in the financial and economic sectors. Many have questioned the policies of the current government, in this background, the growth figures would lend credibility to the government and its policies, with GST teething issues sorted out in the next few months, this rate should be better. This would also mean that the effects of demonetisation are behind us. Some experts refer this as a pause in the graph and would go down. Hope they are wrong.

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    Good to know that there is a GDP growth rate of 6.3% in this quarter. I was one among who doubted the policies of this government. If this growth rate sustains definitely the credit goes to Modi government. Lets hope for the best.
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