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    How could Rama and Krishna be immediately recognized ?

    There are various instances both in Ramayana and Mahabharatha that says that Rama and Krishna were well known throughout the India. I can digest that.
    But there are instances, such as Shabari recognizing Rama by face.
    Now, Shabari lived in Kerala and Rama in Ayodhya. I can understand how Rama's name got famous because he has performed extraordinary feats.
    But how could Rama's image be popular?
    How could people recognize him by face? It is not like the picture of prince of Ayodhya will be circulated throughout India. Moreover it is logical to think Rama was aged a bit because spending 14 years in the forest. He had already given up his kingly ornaments and costumes. He looks like a commoner now.
    Instances just keep piling up, Jambavan and Jatayu recognize him too. A group of hermits in forest recognize him and ask him to accept their hospitality.
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    Good question posed by the author. In those days the population was less and there were no communication like what we have now. A person is always recognised with their sober behaviour and a huge smile on the face. Of course Lord Rama always carried Bow and arrow and always accompanied with Lakshman and Sita which would easily be recognise even by commoners. Likewise Lord Krishna can be easily be recognised with a flute on his hand and peacock feathers on his head. All this are seen in the photos and probably they might have looked like that in reality and hence could be recognised.
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    Rama and Krishna, both are very famous in our country for their speciality. There are many villages in India with same names in different areas. For example, there is a village near Kakinada of Andhra Pradesh by name KURADA.
    Similarly, there is a village in Orissa called by same name KURADA road. Like that those days probably in Rama Rajya also the villages which you are referring may be there. Rama may be famous in all those villages. Another thing is now all over India Modi is famous. Everybody can recognise his photo. This may be due to newspapers and TVs. But my doubt goes those days there may be a system of displaying the photos of important people and very important people so that all can recognise him. Like wall posters these days, those days also wall posters might have been there.

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    I think great people had some features that made them unique. Maybe people were able to make out from such features. Also, as Rama was a king, he would be known to the people in Ayodhya as well as the other neighboring places. About Jambavan and Jatayu recognizing Rama, it was known to them that Rama was gone on a 14 yrs vanavas. And when they saw a handsome young man with all required features of a king, they understood it is Rama. This is what I think.
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    Ramayana and Mahabharata are traditional scriptures that are revered by many. Like these sacred texts, many cultures will have their own mythological legends that are not analyzed but read and taught to pass on the good virtues. I don't think people would question these.
    Shabari was a faithful devotee of Lord Rama, who upon the sayings of her guru waited for many years to meet Lord Rama. A noble person or Godly person would be recognizable to common people.

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    Lord Rama and Lord Krishna both played their own roles at the time of Ramayana and Mahabharata.
    In fact, we all know that both were the form of Lord Vishnu. The difference lies in the fact that Lord Ram used to bow down and pray to all the creatures who met him or any elder person in spite of being prominent king. He used to consider everyone as the form of God. On the other hand, Lord Krishna was a charioteer and always kept guiding Arjuna throughout his warriors in Mahabharata. I do not think it will be really easy to recognize them, the story and life instances they had to make them different.

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