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    Is having an endemic species good or not?

    Endemic species, mean species which are restricted in a single region.
    Such as Gaint Pandas of China. Kiwis of New Zealand. Kangaroos and koalas of Australia.
    There are a million examples.
    Even India has a few endemic species. Lion railed maquaces, nilgiri marten, sangai deer and most majestic Asiatic lion. These are critically endangered species too.

    They are concentrated in very small regions. Asiatic lions are found only in Gir region.
    What if something happened to Gir forest? An unfortunate forest fire god forbid!
    The last sanctuary to house wild lions will n destroyed to debris. And lions will be alive only in our imagination.

    My question is- is it good to have endemic species then or not ?

    The positives are: tourism, exclusive rights over that species and a symbol of our pride.
    But it is an immense responsibility. Can India tackle it? Can we preserve our endemic and endangered wonders?
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    Our environment Minister is well posted about the danger to rare endemic species of India and the scientists are already on the job to safeguard and library genes of every animal or bird which are rare and only restricted to particular area. In this regard I wish to add great Indian bastard which is seen only in part of Andhra Pradesh and if actions are not taken soon those birds images will remain on Internet and record books only. Where ever endemic species are living, the human habitat should not disturb them and there must be strict legislation to protect the right of animal kingdom.
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    It is better we can protect our endemic species. There are two ways to see that these species will not be I danger. The first one is to see that the area where these species are existing should beprotected and the friendly environment there should be further improved to see that they grow more there. The second method is to search for similar environments elsewhere and taking some number of these species and see that they will be at home at that place their families will grow there like . These endemic species should not get disturbed by humans and the government should take actions so that the species are not getting eradicated during the years. Already in cities many birds are not visible and children will only know by the drawings and figures in the books.
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    If we look at the history of animals that have become extinct, apart from dinosaurs, most endemic species are at a disadvantage when it comes to survival for centuries. Take for instance the dodo bird, wattlebird, or Galapagos giant tortoise all are extinct, the endemic tag has a higher risk of extinction. All the more reason for us to be more desperate to save such species rather than pushing them towards extinction faster. Preservation of such animals is a difficult task are resources are at a premium. Protecting forest land, strict laws and forest policing are expensive. One of the ways to generate revenue and increase awareness is by regulated wildlife tourism and involving the tribals and people who live in the buffer zone. If we fail then like other long-gone animals, the Asiatic Lions, certain rhinos all will be seen only in videos and stuffed carcasses.

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    I wouldn't say it is bad. Having any species is good I think. Only when they are more in number issues arise. Like increasing population of humans is a threat. I think it is the duty of a nation to protect its endangered species. They too have a right to live. It might be because of human invasion, these species became endangered.

    As the author said protecting endangered species helps in tourism. People are interested in seeing those species that are not easily seen any where else. Apart from tourism, I think we should protect these animals for our next generation. For example, we grew up seeing elephants, once it becomes endangered or extinct, the next generation will be able to see it only in pictures. Or else they will have to visit other countries to see similar animals. Animals are nature's gift, hence we can't just let them get extinct. We shouldn't just look at the benefits we are getting by preserving it. If not to protect such species, why do we have forest authorities?

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