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    Imagine you left ISC tomorrow, how will you be remembered?

    Life is beckoning us all to drive deeper into business. Sooner or later, some members may leave.
    What do you think you'll be remembered for and as by the remaining ISC comrades?
    I have not been able to establish a concrete impression here but I know what I'll be remembered for;
    I'll be remembered for my poems I guess. People might read my poems from the past and might get reminded of me.

    What do you think you'll be remembered for? Have you made enough contributions?
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    Good question. For sure every one of us will have to leave this site one day and before that we need to make sure to contribute uniquely for us to be remembered. What you said is true that you will be remembered through your poems. Not everyone has the creativity or writing skills, as you have that it is easy for you to mark your presence in this site. Mr. Sun will be remembered through his name itself even though he has creative talents. Ms. Saroja for numbers, Mr. Venkiteswaran for his in depth knowledge and Mr. Mohan as a regular forum contributor, are few more to name. When it comes to me I really don't know how I will be remembered. I have written few articles, so when people read it may be they will remember me. I am not creative or unique so I do not find other ways for people to remember me. But it is always good to know that people still remember you even when your presence is not their.
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    Chitra, don't view yourself in such low esteem.
    You could tell the specialities of all members. Which means you'll be remember for your keen observation skills.

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    Well the world does not stop just for the want of you and me. The process of living and getting along will go on irrespective we associated with the system or not. For ISC too either it does invite us to be part of its growing influence on the society nor it ask us to quit. As long as one enjoys the patronage and liking by other fellow members of this site, you are going to be regarded and respected. Once you leave, the matter gets closed and many wont even remember for that matter. However when we criss cross and find your posts, surely every one shall cherish your writing calibre poem wise. And nothing more than that.
    K Mohan
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    I agree with Mohan. Forgetting is a natural phenomena. Even our family members may forget us after some days of our departure. Even in our day to day lives also we will be making friends with somebody but once we change our job,house,town and that place the people there may forget us and we may also forgetmany people. By any chance we come across again with them then we remember and try to bring back those old memories. So it is a natural one and ISC is no exemption for this. But one thing is true that the name of the members will be there on this site whether they contribute or discontinue. It is like aname on a printed book.
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    I think a bit of clarification is required when the responses by Mohan and Dr Rao are taken into account. The author is not asking whether you will be remembered by ISC members even after you quit or become inactive. The question is quite clear as to how 'you' think you will be remembered. We have seen many instances where members who were absent for a long time had returned and were welcomed wholeheartedly by the regular members citing the points that made them remember the contributions made by that member. It is in that context that the question is asked. For example, if the author becomes inactive (hope he does not) and we get to have a new member who posts poems occasionally. Won't the name of Aditya come into our minds? Please assess your own contributions, in total, and post your responses in that context.
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    A smart googly thrown by Aditya Mohan.

    Man proposes,God disposes.
    We may try for a particular thing and wish to have that; but something else may happen.
    It is only when we get the real feedback that we come to know how we fared or how we are looked at or assessed.
    When I was about thirty or so, I had a rude shock about the irony or contrast between our expectations and what others feel about us. While many whom I interacted with reflected a view which I was expecting and interested in, one particular person conveyed an an exactly opposite view.
    There was another incident also. One day when I went to another branch office of my employer organisation, in another town, I met an old colleague of mine with whom I worked for a short period. I was surprised when that person told me that whenever the person heard a particular song in the radio/TV immediately remembered me.Actually, I never considered my self as a singer at all though I used to hum a few opening lines of film songs sometimes in leisure time. The person introduced me to another and said that I used to sing like 'so-and-so' singer.
    I got surprised and did not know whether to feel happy or to feel dejected that my many other uniqueness did not impress that person.
    From then on, I told myself that we cannot decide what image we will have, and it depended on the other side also.
    So now I do not hold any expectations as to what others will think about me or how they will remember about me. It may not be what I consciously projected or specialised in, but something subtle and hidden that may be remembered.
    So I do not want make a statement about how I want to be remembered. It would be realistic and I would be happy if it is a fair mixture of appreciation and criticism, with positive higher than the negative.

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    Some time back, I raised two threads along the lines 'have we done enough good to be remembered' and would your absence be felt, this thread would be like it focused to ISC. Although we would feel sad to leave the ISC or members would miss us, this would be a reality for various personal or other reasons. As long as we are in the site we should contribute and interact in a constructive manner and not lose the core values of ISC. I think, we should be remembered for the right reasons and not for the wrong reasons. I personally feel there is lot more to do for me to be remembered. I am a person who always belongs to the group of people who would make their absence felt in a good way rather than my presence felt. If I leave now, maybe people would remember me for the forum contributions. I feel we should not be remembered for being regularly abrasive, biased or rude to fellow members or being revenue minded.

    By the way Mr.SuN is not active over a few days, I miss him, Do the rest miss him?

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    This thread takes everybody to look back and search where each of us is standing . All of us, the members of SIC , have contributed several threads or reacted to threads. Also other contributions too might have appeared as our contributions. I do not think I will be remembered because of any of my contributions. I used to spend only a very little time for participation in this site. However I could learn from others several things for which I am thankful to the site.
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    Mr. Aditya Mohan: The truth is that nobody remembers commoners. If I leave ISC today, old Members would remember me at the most for a year. Then everybody would forget. New, more powerful, more educated Members would join and the memory of old Members who had left would fade away, like the wave of water. New wave brushes aside the signs of previous wave. This is universal truth.

    But why have you been thinking about leaving ISC? You have joined barely one year ago.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    No. I haven't been thinking about leaving Partha. I'm just getting started.
    But existential crisis. It asks me what my purpose is everyday.
    I wonder how other people cope with their existential crisis.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    It is nice to be remembered and, to be very honest, I would like that. Even if it is in the negative sense, it would be good to be thought of by somebody.

    I did smile on seeing this thread because what came to mind right away was this: I will most likely be remembered solely as the ME and, in that role, likely as the person who reprimanded members! Some will remember me as the bumbling contest organizer as well. Hopefully somebody of the current lot of ISCians who are still around after I am long gone will remember me as having been an ISC contributing member, too.

    Regarding Sun's absence - if I am not mistaken, he did mention being away for a while and not having access to ISC regularly.

    Those who remember ISCians who have left could get in touch with them with a special invite to return.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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