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    When the difficulties lock you down - Keys are patience, hard work and prayers

    [This thread wins a special prize for the topic-based TOW of November 2017]

    It is said that life is a journey with lots of ups and downs and one encounters numerous speed breakers on the way. Sometimes we pass through green sunny open roads and at other times we have to pass through the dark tunnels.There are some people who are lucky and get the things easily in life while others are unlucky and face hardships in life.

    We all know every tunnel has light at its end and even darkest of the night is followed by daylight. But what if sometimes we are locked in difficulties which never seem to have an end to it? It is very easy for a person to get impatient, frustrated and melancholic during such times. They sit back crying, worrying and regretting about what has happened and speak aloud as to how they have been unlucky to the lest and try to gather sympathy and help from the people. But a million dollar question is does this help at all in solving the problem? No, not at all! When you worry and get into depression you lose the power of rational thinking as your mind gets jammed. So the key to overcoming such unending difficult situations is to have patience, sit back and plan, do hard work and most important have faith in God. It is true that person is his own best friend and nobody can help you more in such tight situations than you yourself. So you have to be on your foot, keep going and never stop trying under such situations. Sometimes you may think your so-called friends and relatives can help you but in most of the cases it is we ourselves who have to undertake efforts to bail us out from unfavorable situations. Trust in God and faith that whatever he does is for good, gives immense internal strength to face such situations with bravery.

    So if you are locked in a difficult situation, do not waste time in repenting, worrying, complaining. Rather than that do hard work, have patience, believe in God and keep trying. If you do so then you have found the key to come out of it.

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    Very nice thought provoking submission to the tow topic. Often we have been mowed down due to challenges and difficulties which comes in series and we are not able to cope up and those who have kept patience, continued with their work without murmuring the trying times with others are the winners. Even God would show mercy on the them. When the joyful time and enjoyable moments are embracing our lives, we wont share with others then why should we show our bad times to others through our face expression. As the problems comes, it will come on its own and that is the nature.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true in our human life we will face many difficult situations Similarly we will face some good situations also. When we are in good times and when we are able to perform everything and when the things go as planned we all will be very happy. We will be bubbling with joy. But some times we will be facing very difficult situations and we are not in a position to decide the way forward. Those times we all will be worrying about the situation and we will withdraw ourselves from the scenario But we should not do that. We should be brave enough to face the situation, apply our brain and logic and we should be able to solve that problem. Every problem I The life has solution. No lock is made without a key. So we should not loose hope and continue our pursuits to come out of those difficult situations. A good posting by the author.
    always confident

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    It is normally said that every problem comes with a solution and our duty is to find out the solution. If that is right, we don't have to worry about our difficulties. Like the author said, have patience and work hard to find the key. Don't worry even if we fail. Have faith in God and keep trying, surely you will find the key.

    Try try till you succeed, that spirit is required to achieve your target. If everything happens according to our wish then we wouldn't be going to temples, churches or mosques. People will start ignoring God. Difficulties are there in everyones life. People tackle it and move on. The ones who loose their courage and confidence will be left behind.

    Another mistake we make is we compare our difficulties and problems with our neighbours. We never know the problems they are going through and it is not necessary that people will show or share it with others. Once we stop comparing itself, half the problem is solved. Comparing is just going to help us increase our tension and anxiety.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Very motivating thread. Life is a journey in which many obstacles and hindrances are met and they dishearten and discourage us but we have to take it in a patient way to again stand up and go ahead with more vigour and enthusiasm.

    It is the power of struggle and hard work that many people rise to glorious heights. Getting discouraged by failures is cowardness.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A wonderful narration and a positive message. All of us have had problems, the past problems that we try hard to forget and the future problems we fear when it will come along our way. Sometimes in life, there would be a phase of prolonged difficulties and during these times we lose our self confidence and positive nature. As such times we should not lose hope, we should find ways to strengthen our mind,dig our heels deep and withstand the difficult times until we find a path out of it. Once we find it, then life becomes more easier and soon we are up and about. To achieve this we need time,matured and patience along with faith.In difficult situations patience and time would present us with a way out that we would miss if we become desperate and impatient. I think the difficult times make us realize the value and worth of the good times that we have at hand and enjoy it when the going is good. Hard work never goes unrewarded and this is more true during difficult times.

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    Such an amazing thread. That is absolutely right when we are facing difficulties, or problems, the only way to tackle it is to have the patience to bear it. The other attributes will be having hope in that situation. What we can only do is to keep moving with the current situation and let God decide the possible solution when the things are not in our hands. When the things are in our hand, then it is our hard work and dedication that will keep us going forward and will help to fight difficulties.
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