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    Is it safe to have buildings near mobile towers?

    Be it a house, office or a school, is it advisable to have one constructed near a mobile tower? I have heard that the radiation is not good for our health. But still we see buildings near towers, I don't understand the logic behind it.

    Recently one of my colleagues showed us the pictures of his house warming. A beautiful house and he had spent more than a crore to construct it. But there is a mobile tower in the neighbouring plot just behind the new house. In almost all the pictures we can see the tower. I didn't understand why he spend crores of money in such a place which will have lot of radiation. He is educated and should know about the implications of it.

    Seeing all these, I doubt whether it is true that mobile towers have radiation. Knowledgable members please shed some light as to why people select such plots.
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    Did you notice that "non-ionozing" radiation board in mobile towers?
    Ionozing radiations are dangerous and lethal. They split the molecules and even atoms apart, causing heat inside the body, damaging tissues and cells. These are generally high frequency radiations like UV.
    But non ionozing radiations are weak frequencied radiations like radio waves, used in mobile communication.
    Though public awareness campaigns won't stop ranting about the cancer effects or chronic headaches due to radiation, I find it hardly credible..
    Because of what I learnt at college.
    Maybe I'm wrong. But this is my personal opinion.
    According to me, there is no lethal threat from mobile towers in vicinity.

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    But on the other hand I can see few benefits your collegue can enjoy from the tower.
    Having a cell tower, increased the land value and the owner of the plot gets paid a monthly rent forever. This is a huge benefit right?
    And if the mobile tower belongs to your service provider, then the service speed and quality will rapidly increase.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Mobile towers are supposed to be erected on the outskirts of the town or city and that too on the open land. But due to signal issues and demand for clear voice and data penetration, the mobile companies are forced to establish cell towers amidst thickly populated area and on the high rise apartments by offering the society of the building some lucrative monthly rentals. Thus the apartment society people in the guise of getting some extra income to the society and to augment the increasing maintenance expenses they highly compromise and bring risk to the dwellers of the apartments. In my opinion too the cell towers are having the capability to radiate heat which has the high risk of health hazard. That is the reason being so the cell phone towers are left to their own mercy with no attendant nor any security guard manning it.
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    As mentioned by Aditya non ionising radiation arenot very dangerous when compared to ionising radiations. In mobiles the radiations are basically non ionising radio waves for communications which are not very dangerous. But why to get exposed to a strong radiations. It is better to be as away as possible to these towers. These days many apartments are allowing cell towers on their top for getting extra money. Here I say the problem because of radiation is very less but in independent houses on the first floor where only Dhaba is there having the tower is not advisable.People will be frequenting there many rimes for some work or other. So chances of getting exposed there is not advisable. That should be avoided.
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    I too held the same idea about the installation of cell towers near residences. However, on a little research, I found that there has been no substantial proof found that these radiations have any harmful effect on human beings. Sometime back there was a news that a senior telecom department functionary got a cell tower installed right on his house roof after much opposition from neighbors. When people supposed to have a deep knowledge of the telecom technology don't fear to get a cell tower right on their roof, I don't see any reason why we should keep holding such myths.

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    There are many facilities which have come to stay and in spite of side effects we have to live with them. We have to learn how to reduce the side effects.

    Radiations are there all around us. Even there is natural'background' radiation from the walls in our home. As Aditya Mohan mentioned, some are ionising and others non-ionising. Some radiations can be shielded and some others penetrate through our body. The radiations affect either due to acute exposure or chronic continuous long term exposure. Suitable shields like Thick walls, non-porous metallic or non-metallic sheets etc , can safeguard us from some particular kinds of radiations.

    However It has to be studied for long time and under various conditions and exposures to arrive at some convincing conclusions. Till ten it is better to be keeping distance from radiation source. Radiation exposure can be restricted by following Time-Distance-Shielding rule; Minimum time exposure, Maximum possible distance from source and maximum optimum shielding.

    That is why we have to keep mobile phones away from our critical organs, keep inside cases and keep them near our body for minimum needed time. The same logic can be applied in the case of mobile towers also.

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    This has been much discussed and still being discussed. I am also not fully sure about the tower issue. But one thing is sure the number of towers are increasing everywhere.
    However I was told by some who are supposed to know about the related properties, that the radiation from such towers is not more than those from TV and other electrical gadgets we use in our houses.
    Here in my area several times this was taken up by the Residents' associations and approached the Corporation Health department. They also did not take it up seriously.

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    Cellphone towers look odd in pictures and mar the landscape. Maybe your friend got the plot for a cheaper price. The non-ionising radiation radio frequency emission occurs at a level parallel to the ground, many quote that the exposure is less the permissible limits and is often less than the effects of using the cellphone itself. It is advisable not be close to these towers at the same level from where the waves are transmitted for prolonged periods.

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    As far as I know Its harmful to have a house near towers because high voltage current flows through the tower. Studies says that electromagnatic radiation is harmful if any human living in the 300meter radius of the towers. Electromagnatic radiation act serious health risks including digestive agitation, lack of focus or concentrate and memory loss. It is not only affected to humans but also to the birds.

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