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    Privatization - good or bad?

    As there are two sides to a coin so is in the case of privatization of education.It has his own benefits and debenefits.If I talk about the benefits, there are many private institutes which offers better education than the government institutions.Nor do they solely provide better education but also better atmosphere to study.However despite all the good qualities of private instituitions the biggest flaw lies in the exorbitant prices they my opinion,government should take an initiative to open many government schools and colleges and should recruit highly qualified staff and better ammenities.
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    Are private schools really good at education ?
    Isn't it the 10% toppers that high schools concentrate on? I think privatization in general is good, but when it comes to education, I would want the private schools to be semi-public. By this way, reasonable fees for better education can be afforded.

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    Time and again government and government schools are blamed for lesser quality of education. In Telugu there is a good verse. " Desham ante manishi Kadhoi, Manushulu" that means Nation means not soil, but the people. Same is the case with government schools. If the schools are regarded as the temple of excellence, even there the intelligent and the enthusiastic students can excel and bring laurel to them and the state. But there is a strong belief in the minds of parents and students that studies in government schools are worst and cannot be relied. I have done and my schooling and college in government school and college and today I am writing here.
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    Many ways privatisation is good. The private organisations are more productive and there will be good supervision. They employees there will work sincerely otherwise they may not retain their position there.Here chances of corruption at the employee level will be very less. Another advantage here is the merit people will get jobs. There are no other conditions like reservations, etc. So that way privatisation is good for the country. If all are under government only the total administration will be with the beaurocrats and these days we at seeing how those organisations are performing. Many government run organisations are in losses only. The temperament of the employees will be different. Belongingness will not be there. Always how to get benefitted thoughts may be more. Finally the productivity will be at a very low level. Hence I always feel that privatisation is good for the nation as well as the people who deserve jobs with their talent. As mentioned earlier many IT companies which are in private sector made the difference in the lives of many deserving people.
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    This question is one which will not get a final answer. Because, mostly the answers will be based on own experience. There are institutions in both the sectors which are showing good results as well as very bad results.
    One basic difference between the two sectors is regarding the amount of fees collected from the students. A good percentage of the population cannot afford the fees charged by private schools. Starting from the uniform charges everything is costlier there. At the same time in Govt. Schools the students get their uniforms from schools, sometimes contributed by some external agencies or the school PTA. This the case with the notebooks and other study materials. Why now the break fast and noon meals are also arranged in the schools for which a fund is made available by the State Govt. If not sufficient local assistances are easily made available. Regarding teaching also Govt. Schools are far superior since only trained teachers are appointed here. Different extra curricular activities are organized in the schools regularly so that the students get exposed to different subjects and activities. School level, sub district level, district level and state level competitions are organised every year for students studying in public and aided schools.This provides these students to show their aptitudes in different arts and literary items. Here the Govt. Schools are the public schools while aided schools are schools following the State syllabus where the payment to the teachers are given by the Govt. Now most of these schools are well equipped with computer lab and smart class rooms. Above all the students of these schools are really from a cross section of the society. This creates an attitude of being a social being which is more important for a healthy society.

    On the contrary in Privte schools owing to heavy fees structure the admission is limited to the upper layer children of the society. They don' t get a chance to see or mingle with the children from low class families of the society. They become strangers to the way in which such children are brought up and how they are living.
    In short if education is only for passing the examinations with a competitive spirit and continuing such an attitude throughout the life private school education has to be chosen.


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    Privatization has both merits and demerits. Government organizations stand for the welfare of the public but the main intention of private organizations will be profit making or rather profit maximization.

    Due to competition private organizations are forced to provide the best service as people are left with many options and they will choose the best one. This has made private organizations essential to prove themselves the best among the competitors.

    Olden days all the kids where sent to government schools and then those schools were good at imparting knowledge. Those days the teachers where dedicated. Now even the person earning the lowest income will not be ready to sent his child to government schools. Private schools have gained popularity irrespective of their increasing expenses. Every parent will want his child to get the best education. The fame and name of the school is one factor people take into consideration. And that is definitely with private schools.

    Now at least in Kerala government schools are gaining back their name. Lack of good teachers or facilities have pushed back such schools. Now the scenario is changing. Government schools are aiming at the academic results of the students like private schools. More facilities are also been provided to students at a nominal fee unlike private schools. This can atrract students in the long run.

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    There are equally good government schools and equally bad private schools. If a general statement needs to be made, the it would be difficult because it becomes an one sided game. Private schools with all the resources,affordable parents sending children for tutions and regular assessments and dedicated time at the hands of the private students. If we look at government schools, resources are not uniform, most parents would struggle for a decent earning to live and children do not have time on the hands and the drive to earn is more than the drive to learn. The teachers of the private schools are paid better hence more accountable. Privatization brings in the skill for management, introduces accountability because everything is result oriented, the better the results, the safer is the contract or the earnings. Not all government schools will need privatization. The under performing schools should be analysed and the lacunae filled up and then see whether we can turn it around to yield good results and quality education. All this is not possible without money,planning and time, to do this we need government authorities who are passionate for the cause of education and will ensure that such changes happen.

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    Yesterday this report came in Deccan herald. I thought I should share this with the others. Sad to say that a father gives up his life after losing money for a seat for his son and we just discussed on education and the high costs.
    A software engineer in Bangalore paid around Rs 2.5 lakhs to a tutorial center for getting his son admitted to a prominent school in Bangalore. Unfortunately they never got the promised seat for their son. The agent returned half the money but didn't pay the rest. Frustrated the father immolated himself and died because of the injuries. He is survived by his wife and two children.
    Why do we need middlemen for education?
    Why do we desperately try for the coveted schools?
    Parents should refrain from approaching middle men, in such disputes, they can involve the police and the police should try and settle this favorably.

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