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    Impact of religion on Man's Rational thinking and Reasoning

    Many issues around us in the neighbourhood, state, country and around the world often boils down to the views of the people concerned. Many intellectuals, educated individuals and people who have lived lives for a few decades in a multicultural society are known to think with a sound stable mind using their experiences and knowledge gained in life.

    But the same individuals, when it comes to matters that have a strong inclination towards their religion they love or dislike, their responses, statements suddenly change into a different tone and becomes unreasonable in the larger interests of the community and communal harmony.

    Why does Man waver in such situations, why does the mind gets clouded, why does religion has such a profound impact on even a learned brain?
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    Religion is associated with both life and afterlife. This kind of gives man a terror.
    We place unwavering trust over a religion. Faith, belief and trust are dangerous words. Because they require no proof.
    I am an atheist and though atheism is accepted in india since ancient times, people still give me a stink eye.
    When such unshakable Faith of man is questioned, you are posing a threat to his existence people lose their rational thinking.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I think areligion isawayof life. In this world we see many things. Sometimes we get confused to decide which to adopt and which to neglect. In this process,the early stages some people who are considered to be more disciplined might have been followed by many peopleThose Gurus whom many people followed has been named their theories as different religions. This is purely my imganitation. Some may laugh at and some may ask for proof.But I don't worry. I have my own thought process. But I am against forcing somebody to follow a certain religion. The person may decided on basing on his ideas and thoughts. Forcing him and making him to follow certain way is no way acceptable. Let us not make religion an issue for unnecessary aspects.
    always confident

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    Interesting post.
    There is impact of Religion on mans rational thinking and reasoning. For centuries religion was used in civilizations by those wanting to control power but in the past one hundred years that was switched to politics. The two subjects that stir up people's emotions and lead to actions are religion and politics. I think, an attempt is taking place to mix up the both. Generally, the wealthy and powerful would invest in these religious/political institutions where manipulation and control could take place.
    People should understand the religion/faith in such a way that they should connect with others and does not separate. That should not mean that they cave in to the deepest belief nor does it mean that they do not stand up for the moral principles. Sometimes they are cave in to the deepest belief, then they are losing the ability to question knowledgably those in the authority, unable to distinguish between what is good and what is bad, then start consulting our horoscope, gradually start sliding, without noticing, back into superstition and darkness. This way society is bound to collapse.
    (Opinion is truly personal/no offence to anybody)

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    Once a person start thinking rationally the concept of religion vanishes. A person till start thinking on his own might be following a religion because he was born in a family which follows faith in a religion. But after getting necessary education and social mingling he might start thinking rationally.

    There is a general saying that most ( not all) of the people will start thinking rationally after the age twenty or above but will start thinking about God after becoming a senior citizen. It may not be true with all. However in youth and middle age group many may not be after religion. They might me going to temples or churches, but not with much belief.
    Of course the following of a particular religious path cannot be mixed with belief in God. For every person a way of life is got from his religious background which mixed with his religious faith. It will be a way of life, a social requirement. I think this is the approach followed by many.


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    Good replies so far, would encourage other members to express their views. The intention is not to go into specific religions or be biased while posting the replies but to have a constructive discussion on the influence.

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    Religion and mother land are part and parcel of ones life and they cannot be separated. A person occupying high post may not talk about his religion and has to support for the cause of all. And when it comes to taking decisions , surely some would be favouring his own religion. Whether people deny or not, wilfully or by default they do support their religion in big way either directly or indirectly. That is the reason being so even party tickets for MLA and MP seats are mainly based on religion of the candidate and what clout he has in that area. Otherwise parties wont take risk on his name or fame.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Attachments become strong and we become biased when we are able to group or integrate under some commonality as binding force.
    It starts first from the family we are born in. Just as presentably whtsapp group, we will be members in many different groups, but there will be at least one common factor that binds us with the other members of that group or congregation.
    Just like the team members of one side take on the opposing side in a football match or any other game, members belonging to one group stick together as a team and defend their team with whatever ferocity and force they can.

    So starting from family this commonality groupings proceed as belonging to, same village, same school, same district, same state, same country and same religion. The interesting irony is that members belonging to one group or side on a particular commonality,may be in opposite camps when another commonality parameter is considered as base for grouping.

    The reasons of village,school,district etc do not come to differentiate us in our personal and private day to day functions. But religion does. While for most commonalities, physical presence at the same place in the past or present is a must ingredient, for religious commonality or other non-physical commonalities, it is not a must condition. Matching of minds gives a thicker and stronger bonding, and a sense of belonging. This is what makes Religion a unique binding factor.

    That is why people defend their religion more fiercer than in other matters.

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