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    Should the government draw a line on the huge earnings of a celebrity in a year?

    A Celebrity may be a Cricketer, Cinema Actor, Cinema Actress or a Politician earnings are very high in India compare to others developed foreign players, foreign Actress, foreign actor, and politicians.
    As these earnings will come different ways.Will the huge earnings of celebrities like Virat Kohli or Dhoni or Amitabh and other Politicians earnings affect the common man basic needs and priority things?Should the government draw a line on the huge earnings of a celebrity in a year?Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    Earnings of a celebrity truly based on their past performance and acceptance of the same and thus brings windfall revenue by endorsing different products. Normally ad expenses are paid by cheque and thus accounted for. But the celebrities insists that some endorsement be paid by cash or fifty /fifty percent so that tax burden would be less on them. Government has many ways to get the right tax from the celebrity. If they do not declare voluntarily, they can know the information from other side. In the interest of country celebrities must pay the income tax sincerely. But what I find that those who earn more and their faces seen on the tv is more, would pay less tax or never pay the tax taking shelter from ruling party protection. That is the reason being so when celebrities wont support the ruling party, next time they would targeted with series of raids from Income tax department and that is the greatest tool a governments has to mend the ways of celebrities.
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    See to evade tax there are many things they can do.Instead of that can we have an alternative way to draw a line for the huge income incurred in a year of a celebrity.
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    It is not correct. As long as your earnings are legal and if you are paying the income tax as per the existing rules and regulations, why should be there a restriction. A celebrity or an industrialist or a common man they have every right as citizens of India to work hard and as per their abilities within the framework of rules and regulations, they have the right of earning. No limits are mentioned. The only thing the people who are earning should be paying the tax as required. But they should not accumulate without paying tax and making money black. They are getting their money by their toil. These days the state governments are giving the very high amounts of money to these celebrities to encourage them. I think the government is wasting the money on them. They have plenty of money and they don't bother for that money. Why to pay them in such a situation. That is not required. The money should be utilised for helping a man who is in need rather than giving to a celebrity who is having a very good bank balance.
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    Many Indian celebrities earn huge incomes based on the popularity and star status. It doesn't come easy and doesn't stay long except for people like Mr. Amitabh Bachan. We cannot limit an individual's earnings because these are deals that are offered in competition. If the earnings are legal and due tax is paid, then we have no reason or justification to cap the earnings of such people. What is more important is the mindset of the megarich and superstars who would or should contribute more of their earnings towards charity and social causes. If this trend picks up, then people won't mind their earnings. On the other hand, if the money is just wasted or invested for personal benefit, it is useless to others or portrays the celebrity in a bad light. In a sense, the common man has to receive some share of the earnings as, if the public does not view the endorsements or do not place their heroes on such high pedstals, the heros may not earning so much in the first place.

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    Let us suppose by a stroke of luck, the author of this thread becomes a celebrity and starts earning in crores by acting, by way of advertisement, by playing or by a successful start-up and I raise a thread on this issue after one year. How would the author respond?

    In 90% of the case, a person earns in huge amount due to his/her capability. If he/she pays income tax honestly and does not break any rule, then Government would not interfere in the personal business/earning.

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    I think the government should draw a line on the huge earnings of a celebrity. As people have too much money, they can easily bribe others and take people for granted. If a celebrity commits a crime, they can easily get out of it with his power, fame and money. Similar incidents have occurred in the past.

    There should be a limit to everything, even if it is the compensation for one's service. When there is unequal distribution of income and wealth, it is not good for the nation. Our country is facing unemployment issues, poverty etc. Rather than spending huge chunks of money to promote celebrities, the government and the public should utilize it for the development of the nation.

    Promoting sports is a good thing but all sports should be given equal importance. A celebrity can be an uneducated person too. In a short span of time he makes crores but it takes years for an educated officer to make that much amount. I do not consider it to be fair.

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    One should first understand how the income of big earners puts them in a position of strength, and give a huge potential to keep increasing in wealth.

    Let us say, this person (not only celebrities) has a major income from whatever means (winners in sports, big movie hits, sponsorships, property sale, selling app/company, technology, big sales orders, bumper harvest, inheritance…). Now compared to the income, their expenses including taxes are low, even if enjoying luxurious lifestyle. What happens to the extra that is not spent? That amount can be invested somewhere, and it breeds more income (over and above the expenses). When this extra is not spent, it only makes more wealth. It cannot be stopped except by doing some awfully dumb decisions.

    So now the wealthy person doesn't have to work for money since all his needs are met. There is plenty of time available for thinking up other plans and develop ideas which they may never had the time nor vision for before they become wealthy. Now utilizing this time, they can produce more wealth than investing somewhere. So the person becomes even richer because of putting the money to work for them, instead of them working for money.

    Now what is the reasoning that these people be taxed more or limited in producing more? Is it because others are not catching up and want to pull them down? Or because the others are rather lazy or work only like 9 to 5, and don't think of anything other than getting a salary by working for/under others who most likely work many more hours than the regular salaried person?

    Limiting may be acceptable in a communist country, where basically they spread poverty amongst almost everyone. In our country it will not be acceptable.

    In any case, those with greater capacities often are involved in motivating or promoting others into better situations by opening boxing clubs (eg. Mary Kom). Others may open factories and provide employment, others run schools and training institutes for underprivileged ones, etc. Yet others may become greedy, but we don't want to talk about that now.

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