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    I can't explain my feelings today.

    Today I had a very good experience and my joy is very high. I can't explain the joy in my words. When I was doing my intermediate Our Chemistry lecturer was a new recruit. It was his first posting. But he used to take all the pains and used to teach us chemistry and helped us in many ways in our practical exams. Even though I have an interest in the subject he developed that interest which made me do Doctorate in that subject. After our intermediate, he left that college and for few years we were in contact but later there is no contact. All of a sudden today I received a call from him and talked to me very affectionately. I remembered my good old college days. He told he was also staying in Hyderabad. I have to plan and meet him. I thought I can share my joy with you all.
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    It is always a good feeling to have contacts with the teacher and lecturers of our likes as they are our Gurus for ever. I can understand your cloud 9 feeling on receiving the call from your chemistry lecturer. Now onward have regular contact with him and exchange knowledge and other matters.
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    It is always nostalgic to meet our favorite teachers or teachers who have helped us learn and become good students. I think, I have mentioned before, my English was poor and my teacher made me write once again the class notes for many months to help me understand and write better, she would correct it the next day. Because of her persistence, my language improved. I have not met her again but I've met few of my teachers from college days and yes it's a memorable feeling to remember and be remembered. I am sure he also would have felt very happy and proud that his student is doing well.

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    When we meet our teachers, we go back to our childhood days. Dr. Rao, you are really fortunate that your old teacher still remembers you and has contacted you be getting your telephone number. I got a chance to some of my old school-teachers three years before when I attended my school alumni association programme.

    I sincerely hope that you would be able to revive your old association with your ex-teacher.

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    It is great pleasure meeting our old friends, teachers or colleagues after a long time. Especially when it is a person who has influenced us in life, he/she will hold a special place in our heart and will always be remembered. Meeting them after years is a Wow moment.

    We always think of keeping in touch with people after we leave an organization. But it is not really practical. For the first few years we might keep in touch but later the frequency reduces. Later we might not even call and then a large gap forms. But suddenly when we get to see such people accidentally, it gives us immense pleasure.

    One good thing about such coincidences is that we take their contact number and then will make sure to keep in touch with them. Thanks to social networking sites that it has made it much easier these days. Even if we misplace the contact details, we can easily find the person through these sites.

    Me too joining in your happiness.

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    I agree that you have a right reason to rejoice. Such reunions and reconnects are what makes us to recall our good old college/school days.
    Regarding the construction of the thread, I feel that a paragraph separation(after the first two sentences) could have added more effect to the thread for easy comprehension to readers. Just my personal view.

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