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    Strive to be the Master Key of all the Locks

    Everyone strives to be the unique key for the lock but how about being the Master Key of all the lock. Irrespective of any lock if you are the master key you will be able to unlock it. Wouldn't that be awesome?

    Locks could be any hurdles in your life, it could be your daily struggle with health issues, struggles in your workplace, personal life etc. We need to know that if there is a lock there would definitely be a key for it as well, for no key maker would ever make a lock without a key. So no matter what you face in life, we should strive to be the Master Key instead of the unique key as the unique will be able to unlock only one lock for which it is meant for.

    Again in the process of being the Master Key don't get lost in the world of pride, because if you do so, then you will be locked forever in your world of pride never seeing the reality. We need to bear this in mind that the Key maker can make another master key as well.
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    I wont agree with the author that there should be a master key for all locks. How can it be ? Locks have unique features of levers inside and the keys have edges through which they connect the level and get through the passage to unlock. If your concept has to be taken as granted, how the levers would be connected with one key. And there are some locks which have unique digital numbering and does not require a key at all. So one master key for all locks wont work in reality. But for the benefit of saying and to draw a broader view on human behaviour it can be said so.
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    No, it's not possible to have master key for all locks. Are the sizes of all lock same? Are there same number of livers in all locks? So, a single master key for all locks is not possible. Moreover, what about the combination locks? What should be the master-combination for such locks?

    Similarly, all problems faced by us are not same/identical. These problems are of different types and of different magnitudes. So, the solutions to these problems can't be same/similar.

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    Master key is very dangerous in two ways. We can open every lock with that which is not a correct one. Second one is if you lose the master key opening even a single lock is also not possible. Both the ways it is very unadvisable aspect. So we should have different keys for different locks. In life also I think it is not possible to have a master key. We can consider GOD as the mater key for all locks. The hurdles we may face in our life will be of different nature's. So same solution for all the problems is not a feasible idea. But we can say the human nature or attitude may act as a master key. The attitude to solve the problems instead of running away should be the best. If you have that attitude you can solve the problems in some way or other.
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    Having a master key for all locks would diminish the value of the lock, similarly, a master lock for all doors would make the doors meaningless. In life there should be a balance in the values of the lock, the key and the door, otherwise, life becomes monotonous and very predictable. The master key that controls all locks is a serious power to hold and this power in the hands of the unworthy can be dangerous. Many of us believe in God as the supreme being, Imagine if evil had the master key, then there would be chaos. Instead of being the master key for all, we can be the master key for ourselves and our family in a sense that we can overcome many hurdles (locks) that we encounter in our personal and family lives. If each one becomes the master key for all locks, then pride, arrogance and bad attitude can creep in resulting in the loss of the of the key. Such events happen in life and the journey which the person undertakes the find or the search for the key is a humbling experience in life that makes the person more mature and a changed man in life.

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    Being the master key is not an easy task. Also there are locks which cannot be opened by the master key. I agree that no lock comes without a key. Similarly no issues comes without a solution. But the same solution cannot be applied for every issues. Somehow I am not convinced with the concept of master key.

    Love is the master key for happiness. Self confidence is the master key for success. Patience is the master key for everything. Love alone can't make you happy, patience added to it will bring happiness. Similarly self confidence with patience gives you success. In these cases two master keys are used.

    I agree with the author that every problem has a solution. Never give up in life when you face difficulties. You might have to struggle a bit but definitely you will find the solution and then happiness will come your way. The best thing we can do is stop getting upset for small things and patiently wait until things favor you. Life has ups and downs and not just downs.

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    Such master keys will be looked upon suspiciously by all. For once the key may be used. But then the lock will be changed and a new lock will be used for which the key is a unique one and the master key will not work.

    This has to be borne in my in our life also. We should not poke our nose in everybody's affairs. Such person will be always doubted by others. They will not get any loyal faith from anyone. They will be just floating only. Instead of a amster key let us try to be unique key at all times and master key only in emergencies.

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    I think its little hard to be the master key of all the locks. It is like adopting everybody else's behavior and forgetting yours in that. In order to keep a unique identity of yours, you need to be a unique key. I think it shows a type of flexible kind of attitude, it is good if we have it in us. But my assumption is why not keep the key as unique.
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