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    Has seamless mobile connectivity with each other made us weaker and dependant

    I often observe the following while traveling by train or a bus.

    A person gets a call from his relatives or friends on their mobiles inquiring where are they and why they have not reached yet?

    People calling every now and then from their mobile to their near and dear ones telling them that train or bus is late and so they will reach home late. They also inform at regular intervals their whereabouts.

    All this takes me back to my old days when mobiles were not there and I used to travel from my college to my hometown. In those times STD/ISD PCOs were very common. I remember before leaving I used to call from STD booths to my home that I am leaving now. No updates were possible on the way due to lack of mobile connectivity. Finally, my parents got to know that I have reached safely when I rang the doorbell and they saw me in front of them. Surprisingly they never used to worry when I was on the way and think where I might be or am I ok. There was no way for them to know this hence they had to believe that everything was fine. People at that time were not in the habit of remaining constantly connected with each other and getting periodic updates from their loved ones due to the absence of mobile phones. It was a blessing in disguise in a sense that people used to remain calm and content and used to believe that no news means all is well.

    With the mobile revolution now the situation has changed drastically. Imagine in the present scenario, a son is traveling and their parents do not hear from him periodically from his mobile as to where is he and how far he has reached. They will literally worry it will give rise to all sorts of unpleasant thoughts in their mind. People now are in habit of getting and giving minute by minute updates during travel through mobile's voice and messaging systems. The moment these updates are not there, they start worrying and feeling tense. I feel this constant connectivity with each other has made us more impatient, dependant mentally weak. We now feel no updates or news means something is not well and thus has made our minds more fearful.

    I strongly feel we should shed this habit a bit and get used to getting and passing fewer updates when traveling. Let us not be so dependent and weak that we cannot stay without hearing or giving updates. Having and using mobile phones during travel is in a way boon in case of urgencies, but let us not make it an addiction.
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    The observations made by the author is true and the mentions are really happening with us. Over dependent on mobile and passing minute to minute information some times makes us lazy in real life even to attend basic things of life. We are taking the help of mobile to wake up, we are often watching the time to get ready for the work, then at the office also constant use of mobile and chatting with colleagues and friends is the must and that melee some have the tendency of not even allowing themselves to walk from the seat to mingle with others in the office. So mobiles are making us weak physically and mentally.
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    During my intermediate studying days there are no land phones also much. Only one or two in the entire village. So morning once I am out from the house to the nearest town where junior college was there, till I reach back to the house there used to be no communication. During the holidays we used to go to my grandfather's place. Once we start from our house till they receive a letter from us they don't have any information. Those days if there is no information, it is implied that we are all safe. But these days every half an hour we expect a phone call from the people who left the house. If they don't give a ring, we will give a ring to them. But this type of tension is not at all necessary. We should feel that they are safe and everything is normal. Then only we will have peace of mind. Unnecessarily thinking what happens is not correct. We should not worry much about the people who have gone out. If we go on thinking about them we can not concentrate on our work.
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    Good thread that contrasts the human behaviour before and after the advent of mobiles and internet. During college days, while traveling to Delhi for studies, the only way to communicate was to call the landline from a public STD service provider inside or outside the train station. It used to be at least 24 hours before parents got an update. There used to be at least 4-5 in the queue that would increase with each train arriving. Mobiles have made the STD shops redundant expect for some people who don't own a mobile now. In contrast, now everyone starts chatting on the mobile even before the train starts with updates, in the train, had food, crossed this station,reached this station. It is important to give updates but not so much so that a delay in a call, people start becoming anxious and their minds always think of an impending bad event. I think this practice is also because of the concept that we have free minutes and free internet which has to be used otherwise it goes waste.

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    I view It as just the opposite.

    Continuous and seamless connectivity has ensured a feeling of security even for those living lonely. It has made distance seem shrunk. The modern facilities of video call and chat has made rel time contact possible. Connectivity makes consultation and decision easy and fast. Needs get attended to immediately. That helps lives to be saved and complications lessened too. For many things, the earlier transit time has become reduced to the lowest. Physical exertion has also come down and the same can be used for something else.

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    This is one of the demerits of mobile phones. It has made us dependent and weaker. I agree that it gives us the advantage of informing our dear ones when we are late or to get in touch with them when in trouble. But calling every now and then is a kind of misusing the device. Like the author said once if we didn't call, they will be worried and our phone will start ringing continuously.

    I know one girl whose husband calls her every time to check did you leave for work, did you get the bus, you reached office, did you eat, did you drink and again in the evening to check whether she got the bus, whether she reached home etc. I agree that he is loving and caring and is worried whether she is safe. But this habit of his even irritates her as well as the people next to her like me.

    Some people are just addicted to it. One guy in our office is always on networking sites during lunch breaks, even when we others are talking and laughing. He will be sitting right next to us, but his full concentration is on the device.

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    Author has very rightly pointed out whatever is happening in the current day scenario. People are bound to their mobile phones. Maybe we can call this as an extra care that some people do, that they keep informing their parents that they are at so and so place after regular intervals of time. Some people have got used to of mobile phones, that is the reason they follow such behavior.
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