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    "Love is the key to unlock your heart."

    The present generation, in general, is under a lot of stress to succeed in their life financially and otherwise. In the process, they are missing a lot of small pleasantries in their life which they deserve. The people are shutting their hearts to small things like the quality time they spend with their families, friends, relatives and the society. It is not that they are totally ignoring all these things but they are unable to concentrate much. The result is that they are always under stress and causing unhappiness to their family. Love is the only key to unlock your heart to have a stress free life. A little bit of love shown towards children, parents, and others will bring happiness in your life and also to the others. Open your heart and shower love to all. The only key to do so is nothing but love. There is no other duplicate key.
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    I am also of the same opinion. These days people are always busy in their lives for living a rich life. They are getting into tremendous tension and pressure to achieve their goals. In that pursuit they are losing the happiness. They are losing their family life. They are not able give even a little importance to the family. So they are losing fun in their life.
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    Very nice heading and it goes straight in to the heart of any person. Love brings people together, makes families unite keeping aside the past and thus love has been playing varied role in unlocking our lives.
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    Great thread, love is the key and no duplicate key- very true. True love is the key to having a good heart. Enjoying little things in life, being happy, spreading joy in life by spending our time meaningfully with family certainly make us feel happy. Happiness and joy keep the heart healthy too. Instead, many people in our busy lives run behind work and deadlines, that they fail to notice and admire the smiles on the faces of their children, the yearnings of the spouse to have a friendly talk, they fail to enjoy a simple walk in the park and fail to cultivate the habit of enriching life with things we have at hand. Such people get stressed and look for other keys, like de-stress therapy, expensive holidays, meditation courses etc when all it takes is the use the key of love the keep their hearts and the hearts around them happy.

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    Love others and they will definitely love you back. It is definitely the key to unlock others heart. Hardly anyone will be able to shut their eyes against love. Love will be rewarded even if it is a bit late.

    Love is to be shown and not to be kept inside your heart. Unless others know it, it is of no value. Be with the one you love, find time for them, have patience, care for them and understand their likes and dislikes. Do things you love together, surprise them once in a while, remember the important dates. All these are ways to show your love.

    Instead if you behave rudely to them and do not find time for them and just keep on saying that you love them does not make any sense. You might actually love them but they are not getting it as mind reading is not possible.

    Start loving as you will find happiness and it will be easy to get into the heart of even your enemy. That is the only key which can melt your enemies heart.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Nice heading spreading a very lovely thought. Love is the key to happiness is very true. If you spread love, you gain back to love. People will remember you with your nature and heart, if you kept that well and nice, you will be worth remembering.
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    Love can unlock most general locks. But there are certain locks hard jammed by ego and adamant that love also will not be able to unlock them.

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