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    What would you do in this situation?

    Suppose that you are living in a city where there is alots of rush and traffic and you have a board exams of commerce. What you do if you are in that situation. I'm gone through that situation. I did not focus on learning. Only I know how I'ed passed 12th. Its indeed hard to focus on learning. Parents told me just learn. How could I learn? There is no door which I closed and stop that trouble sounds of horn.
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    Yes. It is very difficult to concentrate on studies when a lot of disturbances are there from outside. In such case, it is better to get isolated from the disturbances. If there is no door, better keep some cotton in the ears and then studying is a better opposition. But sometimes we will get irritated in such situations. But ultimately it is our examination. We have to face it and come out successfully.So we have to some remedial solution and concentrate on studies.
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    For a dedicated performer and who has the interest to study and score in exam, disturbances should not matter him. In this regard when Arjun was having training for his archery, he was always aiming the spot and then succeeding. When his guru asked him to shoot a bird , he was aiming the eye. When the guru asked him what else he was seeing around, he said nothing and only aiming at eye. And thus shoots the bird on its eye. Like wise when the target is for the success of exam, then other sounds, views, discussions and disturbances from any quarter should not bother as long as one has the total concentration.
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    I am trying to understand your situation and remembering my own student days. I, along with my brother and sister, faced many obstructions, I can't provide any solution to your problem. Only I can say that with determination and some smart strategy, you can definitely overcome every problem.

    Best of luck to you!

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    I can understand what you mean to an extent because I too lived in a busy area of the city. Reading and sleeping would be difficult because of the constant sounds and lights that flash by when we switched off the lights. We got used to it, we had no options to move away. It's up to you to focus on studies. Thick curtains, blocking the windows with a double glass door fitted on the inside help to dampen the sounds. If you can find some time when the noise is less, then you can adjust your study time. If you can find out a place to do the combined study with friends or in a relatives house do it. If you have a public library that is close by with less of disturbance, then try it. I'm sure you can find ways to overcome this. Good luck.

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    I cannot fully concur with the author's view.
    Where there is will there is way. If we really concentrate on our studies, we would not fall for any distraction. My house was on the side of a motorable road. There used to be umpteen processions, temple and church festivals,weather disturbances and many things like that. It was with all those that we studied and scored good marks too. During the Sabarimala season there used to be continuous 41 days celebration in a nearby temple with all kinds of programmes from dawn to dusk. The loudspeaker from the temple used to face in our house direction . Temple and church festivals used to be a common fest for the tons people then. In addition to this,the school at the other side of the school was a venue to host any major event from inter school arts festivals, sports meet, local arts and sports club events etc and there will be flow of people and sound emanating almost every week end and holidays. NCC , scouts and guides camp also used to be there. Our house was not electrified also.

    I used to believe strongly then(and even now) that 'education thrives in adverse circumstances'.

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    It is really a difficult situation. Some people need pin drop silence for them to concentrate on studies. Whereas few others can manage even with the noises.

    Especially when doing the revisions I wanted absolute silence. But I was ok with some sounds while studying. I had the habit of watching TV or listening to music while studying. So those sounds where fine for me. But of course sounds of horns is too much.

    If it was me in this situation, I would have shifted to a hostel or at least to a friends or relatives house during the exam time or little before that. I would never be ready to fail in an exam due to these issues which I might be able to get rid off. You can also sit late in the school and study for a while and at home try studying at midnight as the number of vehicles on road will be comparatively less then. Like I mentioned in an earlier thread of mine, necessity is the mother of invention and hence we will find ways when the situation comes.

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