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    Do you have full knowledge of your city or town ? Can you guide those who seek help?

    How well do you know your city or town? Can you guide your friends or relatives who come from other places to the must visit spots in the place you are living? Share those thoughts here.

    In our family and in my friends circle, whoever has the doubt regarding some places in Hyderabad or Secunderabad and as to how to go or reach that venue, would consult me as I am aware of every nook and corner of both the cities. But some of them decide on their own and end up confusing themselves while returning and ultimately they would call me to have right guidelines.

    Are you fully aware of your town or city? Are you familiar with all places and if someone asks for guidance , will you be able to cater to their needs? Not that you should know every place, but when you stay in a particular place for long years, knowing that place fully well is important and quite natural. Any comment ?
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    These days Google maps are helping many people in guiding them to reach the destination. This is the guide for many people. I am staying in Hyderabad for the last 3o years. I also know almost all the areas of Hyderabad including Secunderabad. Almost all important places of this city are known to me and I have visited all the places. Hence I will also guide the people to reach the destinations. But the only problem for me is, I am not aware of the city Buses numbers and which number bus goes to which place is not known to me. Similarly, I stayed in Visakhapatnam for ten years during the 70s and 80s. Even these days also I visit this city very frequently as my brother and sister stay there. So I know all the areas of this city and I can guide the people in reaching the destination bu guiding them. Anyhow further any root in Hyderabad if I don't know I will try to contact the author so that I will not be lost on the way.
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    Google maps though guide the route, it cannot give the specific short cut route to approach without any hassle and within time.
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    It is necessary to have a knowledge of surroundings of the city or place we live. It is not only useful to guide others but our knowledge about the place is enriched. whenever I move to a new place I try to register in my mind the place with few landmarks. Chennai is a very big city and I have been living here since my school days. But after my marriage I shifted from here. Again after a gap of about 30 years I am here, and I am well versed with most of the important places in and around Chennai. Although the city has changed, but not the important and historical places.
    Although today it is not required to ask someone to help us find the way, thanks to the GPS and map systems.
    Earlier people had to stop at some places and enquire from strangers which direction to go. Some even gave wrong directions. Today people can travel the world without having to ask others.

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    Great that the author knows his way around the two cities. I know many parts of Bangalore city but the landscape has totally changed, the metros, the flyovers and the one-way at too much to remember. Many new small layouts have mushroomed around the city and knowledge of the intricate roads and the connections are difficult to make. I certainly help when asked for based on my knowledge. I find it very helpful to give them a few landmarks they should come across in the order so that if they miss, then they can ask somebody in-between.Some people have an annoying habit of not giving directions when asked or give the wrong direction to mislead the poor traveler. Going in an auto or a cab in a new place invites the chance to be taken for a ride. Here, google maps help us to have a rough idea of the distance.

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    Though I am not like an atlas or route map, I was able to take my guests and relatives who visited me, to many places to their satisfaction and more than what they had heard about. In fact I pride myself knowing more spots to visit than many others who were staying in such places for many decades more than me.

    However, I have some handicaps also. Due to my habits and interest , I may no be knowing some certain places and spots,which I consider as taboo by habit or I do not go, or which I am not at all interested. Otherwise I am aware of the commonly sought places and spots by a new person coming to that place.
    It had happened many times that I could guide the taxi driver to a new tourist spot or reach a spot by a quickest or non-congested route. Some of them had told me that they learned it new and could use it to guide others.

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    Of course, any of us do not know the entire city we lives. It may because of our lack of interest or lack of time. But as for as helping tendency in us we should know well about our place at any cost. People are there simply saying 'I donor know' or 'I am not aware of that area as i do not have chance to go there ', we do not care about such people but for those willing to help others should make themselves thorough.

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    I am not fully aware of the places nearby as I was not bought up in my hometown. But later when I got relocated, I started learning but still I am not fully aware of all the places. Sometimes when traveling in a bus or car, I read the shop boards and the place name mentioned on it. Some names are weird, some are familiar but few I might be hearing for the first time.

    But when it comes to guiding someone I am not really good at it. I have always felt a person who drives knows the way better than the passenger. I am always a passenger hence I will be interested in site seeing and will least bothered about the routes. So it will be hard for me to guide others. If it is the usual way I take to office, definitely I am good at it.

    Knowing the places is good so that you will feel confident and will manage to reach home from wherever you are. If not to guide others, at least for one's own safety, knowing the nearby places and routes is a good thing. To add, now technology also helps us in reaching a place or for getting guidance.

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    It is really required that we have a good amount of knowledge about the city where we live. I have adequate knowledge that could help anyone who is new to my hometown but I still need to explore more.
    It is needed that we know about the nearby places, the famous cuisines, shopping malls, this will help the people who seek help from us. At least at that point in time, we would be able to guide them with our knowledge.

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    I was born and brought up in Kolkata and have been working in Delhi. As my residence and my education were in South Kolkata, I had very good knowledge of that part. I had a broad idea about Central Kolkata or North Kolkata. Now Kolkata has been expanding and my knowledge about the expanding city has been diminishing proportionately.

    So far as Delhi is concerned, I have fairly good knowledge about those place where I stayed or am presently residing, i.e., Karolbagh, Lodhi Road, Tilak Nagar, Dwarka, Moti Bagh, etc.

    I feel that a person living in metro cities can't have complete knowledge about such vast cities.

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    I am in this twin cities since my birth in 1963 and started exploring the nook or corner of the places from young age and now I have perfected it with much more penetration to newer areas and hence know almost all places in Hyderabad.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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