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    Today, 3rd December the International Day of persons with disabilities.

    The World Day of persons with disabilities is celebrated on 3rd December as per the decision of UN. The celebrations are generally taken up at the school level. Schools admitting differently abled students of four Panchayats and Kochi Corporation joined together to celebrate this day at Edappally Block Resource Centre of Sarva Siksha Abhiyan. About 100 such students are participating in the programme. Four days' programme has been planned. Today after the formal inauguration the students were divided into five groups and different jobs were allotted to the groups. These jobs were to be taken up by each group one after the other. This guaranteedguarantees that each group got each game. All these games are aimed at improving their ability to understand and use it in an intelligent manner.
    Next two days the teachers and other resource persons will visit the houses of such students and distribute books which can be used by them and help developing a small library of such books. Last day entertainments by such students will be staged. These are organised by the Government schools of these Panchayats.
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    Yes, Today is the international day of disabled people. It is good that in Cochi this day by some school children. In Visakhapatnam also there is a school in Santi Ashram for Deaf and Dumb students. The school is up to 10th class. Today evening they will celebrate in their school. They will different programs and winners will be given gifts.
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    My thoughts are with those who are disabled as The World Day of persons with disabilities is celebrated on 3rd December every year. But today was one more worst day of the year. The 33 year old Bhopal gas tragedy occurred in the intervening night of 2nd Dec and the world came to know the biggest Industrial disaster and many people lost their lives and even today the compensation was not paid to the kin of those died. Indian government is not caring the MP government is not even remembering the victims.
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    On this day let us discuss what we, the Indians, have done for the betterment of disabled people. Only calling then ''divyang'' would not serve the purpose. We have to provide them some opportunities in every aspect so that they can also contribute for the society. We must not treat them as burden, we have to find ways so that their intellect can be used fruitfully for the society. We must take oath on this day.
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    Yes today, a day for people with disabilities. Such people are getting attention and care now a days. They can go to school, take part in sports. Special Olympics is specifically for people with disabilities.

    Yesterday I attended a survey about people with disabilities and in that one question was 'Would you mind having a disable person as your neighbour?' That sounded little weired to me. What is the issue of having a disabled neighbour, I don't find any. It is not a contagious disease to be kept at a distance. They are humans like us who just need a bit more love and care.

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    I am glad that the author has mentioned the current term is 'Differently Abled' rather than disabled (said to have a negative connotation). Happy to know that people remember the world disability day and events are organized for them. Whenever we think of the troubles and difficulties that we face in life, we should think about the differently abled people who lead their lives honestly and working hard to earn their living. These people do not need our charity or sympathy, they need us to respect them as fellow human beings. They are perfect examples of how people can adapt or develop their other facilities to compensate for the absence of one.
    Every year in India Helen Keller (first deaf and blind person to be awarded a B.A degree) awards are announced on this day. I have had the privilege to meet one such award winner earlier this year.

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