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    It is better to live and let others to live.

    Everyone in this world to excel in their profession and reach new heights. Their goal will be to see that their family will be always happy and the family should feel satisfied. There is no problem in thinking along these lines. But in this efforts, we should not use somebody as scapegoats in our endeavours. But these days many people are trying to make somebody else as an instrument in their growth.
    In a private company in Hyderabad, A manager, his assistant manager and an officer combined and started a small company. Those three are hiring vehicles from other companies and in turn, they are giving those vehicles to their company for hire. In this process, their company is making some money. The main company's boss came to know about this. He called the manager and enquired the same. That manager and Assistant Manager pretended as if they don't know anything and the officer was removed from the services. It is very unfair. Those two are also enjoyed the benefit but when it has become a problem they have made the officer to suffer. This is not desirable. We sholud live and let live others.
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    People are now aiming for extra income concept over and above their regular earnings to augment the ever increasing expenses. In that process they indulge in unfair practices and get caught. It is the good concept to live and let others live but the problems comes when some people want to snatch the share of other eligible persons and thus difference of opinion and face offs starts.
    One thing is sure , as long as one maintains their own business without poking their nose into others business the society would be good and get going. Even one wrong person can have greater impact on the society and can change others to his side with his wrong ideas of earning money through back door ways. But wise people and educated lot should not fall prey to short cut earnings as one day or the other the truth would be out and all the money earned would be recovered and losing of job is for sure.

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    What happened in the case described by you is definitely undesirable. However, there is a bigger problem here which is equally bothersome. What kind of 'a boss' would carry out such a lopsided investigation? The man appears to have taken the manager and his assistant's word as the truth, without carrying out a detailed investigation. He was unable to identify the crooked employees in his organisation. When you know about the nexus, how come he failed to nail the culprits? How fit is he to run the show?

    He has allowed the crooked employees to continue in the organisation. I do not see him as a just or capable man. The investigation was botched.

    The punishment meted out to the man for cheating the system is very severe. There should have been a cut in salary or a demotion or suspension. Yes, he committed a fraud within the organisation, but did he deserve to be kicked out of service? It does not fit into the 'live and let live' suggestion.

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    What Ms. Juana has stated is 100% correct. The top boss should have investigated the matter thoroughly and dismiss all three, because all three employees were engaged in this unethical business. Those two who have survived, can again do such unethical business in future.
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    That speaks the capability of the boss. The other people in the Organisation who know the actual happening couldn't go and represent this case before the boss as they all know that the boss is also biased towards some people in the Organisation. We will become silent spectators in certain conditions. Of course, I am no way connected to that Organisation.
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    As we are only hearing one version of the story, we may not be able to judge correctly.

    There could have been an understanding among them how to behave in case they get exposed. It could have been a case that the other two joined unwillingly under pressure and compulsion of the officer with promise that they will only invest and get share, but all other responsibility if for the officer. It could also be the intention of the officer not to trouble the other two that he owned up everything. He may be sure of his ability to continue the same business with help from the other two, and now he can even blackmail them. Or he may be sure of getting another job also.
    Usually in small companies there won't be any elaborate system of investigation and enquiry.

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    This is a common practice in many sectors, especially small companies. Employees assess the need of out-scourced services and then find a way of arranging the services to reach the company in a way that they get a percentage of referral money and/or the profit for giving the business. It is like middlemen linking two ends of the supply and demand chain.It extends to supply of cabs, housekeeping staff, food on a contract basis, arranging service apartment, booking air tickets, linen, disposable items, machines on hire etc. It's easy to find the needs and the ways to meet them but people forget conflict of interest. There are many such things happening and the company doesn't have the time and resources to check everything.When people start this, they are aware of the consequences but the smart one escape and the meek/weak become the scapegoat.We don't know the details but there could a bias or incomplete assessment by the boss.
    Personally, I have been a victim of colleagues stealing my task numbers to hike up their performance and was made to quit. The sad thing is nobody stands up because although, many know the truth, they are scared about their own jobs and earnings. So, Live and Let Live is not practiced in many places.

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    Yes, I totally agree. Live and let live is the best policy. Personally I will not support cheating an organization or a person and making money thereby. I feel money so made will not stay with us or will be useful to us.

    When three people are involved in doing something, sacking just one person is not the right procedure. A proper investigation should be made and all involved should be given the same punishment.

    If the company let few people stay there, it is not good for the organization in the long run. Tomorrow they will do the same mistake again which will cause loss to the organization.

    When we get involved in such actions we should make sure that the other persons are trustworthy. Greed for money might make us blind and influence our decisions too. So we have to be careful. We shouldn't make it easy for people to trap us.

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