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    Would you mind working two hours extra a day for a better Work-Life balance?

    Today being a Sunday, everything is so relaxed, no alarms, no raised voices in the morning, no cornflakes, no hurried baths or hurried lunch boxes. It's so good that I wish Monday doesn't come. I am sure that many members would feel the same.

    In this hectic life, everyone at home from children to parents have their task cut out. There are always running and juggling their work to get things done in time and also meet the demands of the family. Women who work have little time to breathe and relax.

    It would be great to have one more extra day off every week. I'm sure many would be willing to work 2 hours extra a day, which gives us 10 hours of extra work Monday-Friday so that we can get Saturday and Sunday off. School can be adjusted easily for middle school. High school, college, essential services would need some planning and may mean giving up some single holidays a month that are given to remember a Saint or eminent personality ( who wouldn't mind people working and remembering them at the office). This would give much needed time for family bonding and help all of us.
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    The concept of 5 day week is already there in many organisations. 48 hours of working in a week. So 9 and 1/2 hours a day will give that forty-eight hour in a week. Many IT companies, central government offices and some other private Organisations are having 5 day week. But it is not possible in the manufacturing sector. It is also not possible in continuous process industries. Their 6-day week concept will continue. Whether it is 5 day week or 6 day week, housewives in the house are 24X 7 busy persons. If the children are to be sent in time to the school if the husband has to do to office in time with his lunch box, the housewife has to start her work at 5 AM and she will be just about to go to bed at 11 PM. A terrible schedule without any holiday. A festival is a holiday for all. But for a housewife extra work. Going to a movie for all, but for a housewife extra hours working after coming back from the movie.
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    Five day week proposal has been in the air for years. Theoretically the offices work 7 hours a day with a one hour break after 3 hrs. So office time is 42 hours a week. If this 42 is divided by 5, daily working hours become 8 hrs and 24 minutes. This if introduced how this time can be fitted into a day's gap, is to be considered. It can be done by starting the work at 9.30 am and ending at 5.30 together cut the lunch break to half an hour. Will this work ?
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    I'm glad Dr.Rao has mentioned about some companies not all have the 5 day working week. We can make it work. Essential services, Industries that can't stop can be accommodated on a shift pattern. I've worked abroad in similar areas where everyone has a 5-day working week with the concept with one Saturday and Sunday working weekend once in 6 weeks.

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    I am one who would prefer that every thing works every day. All seven days of a week. The personnel can be given different week ends. The fixed week ends holidays also are inconvenient to those who also work and have the same work-holiday schedule. They have to take leave for even small things.
    I am in Kerala . In my place of residence Sunday is almost like Hartal. By and by not even doctors clinics are ope on Sundays. If you become ill, you have to go to the 'casualty' section f a hospital. Milk stock in shops gets exhausted by Saturday evening, and Sunday is closed. Only the small shops at the bus stand are open on Sundays. Even buses have less trips.

    So I would prefer a seven day week for all sectors. The employees may be given rotation weekly holidays.
    ( I had worked in such system and found it convenient also)..

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    As per labour laws and as per the working ability and strength of any person, it was decided to have eight hours as working period in which after four hours lunch recess has to be granted. Though the government offices surely follows the working of 8 hours including lunch time in it, the private organisations would have half hour extra for lunch , therefore every one works for 8 and half hours daily. And coming to the point of author's suggestion to work for two hours extra and compensate leave for Saturday and Sunday every week, it is not possible for private companies. Most of the companies have labour payment schedules for Saturday and therefore they cannot close that day which may jeopardise the work schedules. Moreover sincere employees who toils for 8 hours non stop get exhausted and tired and therefore cannot cope up to work extra for those two hours and that would bring diminishing productivity in him.
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    Exactly, I agree with the author. I am too longing for an extra day off. The two days weekend is not at all sufficient, and having more is a good thing as we will have more time for the family and kids.

    Weekends are usually meant for grocery shopping, cleaning, washing, ironing and for other household chores. A small outing or a gathering along with extra hours of sleep will completely eat up the weekend. Having one more off day gives us a hope of ME time too. I wish to do many things in the weekend but end up doing nothing. May be because I am lazy but if I get one more day, hopefully I will do something as per the plan.

    I go with the author and wouldn't mind working extra two hours everyday. Anyways I am getting up in the morning and going for work, so it doesn't matter if I sit two more additional hours. Otherwise also certain days we have to stretch the work hours due to the work load.

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    Yes, there are two days weekly off in almost any of the private organizations. Some organizations still need to implement this. In my current organization, the system is like that, Saturdays and Sundays are always off in every week. In spite of the weekly offs, many of the organizations even provide restrooms to the employees, for a much healthy and effective work-life balance.
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    I'm glad that at least two lady members have replied and both would like the weekend off. Can we have some more views?

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