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    Necessity is the mother of invention - Do you agree?

    It is very true that necessity is the mother of invention. Even at home, or to be exact in the kitchen, we invent new things when we face shortage of a particular ingredient. Then we learn, this particular dish can be made this way too. Sometimes we make a dish with the vegetables left at home and if it turns out to be awesome, a new recipe is formed.

    Similarly, when we have money we live lavishly but during month ends, the time when most people face difficulties, they learn to live within the limited money left with them.

    We might have certain things which are kept at home for a long time and might not seem to be useful to us at that point. But later during a difficulty, that thing can turn out to be of help. We might be able to invent new things for our existence.

    I think when we do not have something, we not only understand the value it but will learn to find an alternative.
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    it is true. Necessity leads to the invention. But all inventions are are necessities. Some inventions are accidental also. But when a necessity comes everybody will try to invent the things. When Idly is ready and no chutney, an invention is made by my wife. This has resulted in a new dish. I don't what name we should give. By talking the mango pickle without mango piece and mixing with fresh curd. That has given a very good taste and found to be a good support for idly. Similarly, when there is a problem we will invent new ways to overcome that hurdle. This is a natural process to find some solution to our requirements and how to fulfil our desire. There is no end to the urge of this human being for having a luxurious life and in that, they always try to find new ways and to get their desires fulfilled. This is true that necessity is the mother of invention.
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    In more than many ways this is true in all spheres of life. It's necessary to earn, so we hunt for the best job, get more qualifications etc. At a dosa camp, the vendor has to sell more, so he makes 10 different types of dosas. Similarly, when there is a need at hand, we find many different solutions. Unless we are faced with such necessities in life, we would not become innovative or intelligent enough to think of ways to overcome the problem. Many of us would remember children wearing or we ourselves wearing new school shoes with paper stuffed in the front or wearing a rubber band at the top of an old pair of school socks that has lost its elastic grip. Only when we don't have something in life, we realize its value and then find a way or means to get it back to find another alternative.

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    Certainly, the necessity only makes us in invent more things. But the pity is we become slave to such inventions and feel bad to live without such things/inventions. Recently to do the cooking for our house srardha engaged one middle aged woman. When she started to cook my sister in law went to assist her in the gap of time. When she start some grinding work the power suddenly went off which makes tension to her. The women came for cooking did not worry about the power problem but immediately took the stone ginder kept idle in our house and finish off the entire work un time.
    Similarly many innovative ideas are coming into our mind in the crisis/needy hours.

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    I agree with the author, necessity can lead to inventions. We are doing something continuously, repetitively and also it is time-consuming. In that case, we try to find out ways to get a type of technique or process to get the outcome without manual efforts.
    I saw an ad on television, there were some ladies who were cooking chapatis for the family. They were tired of cooking lots of them. Suddenly a thought came to their mind, why not have a machine where we just need to pour the flour into it, and we will get hot and nicely cooked chapatis. They got an indeed great idea. This is how inventions take place.

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    It is true that all inventions are due to different needs of man. Of course there are inventions incidentally occurring. Say, for example, originally man started living with fruits and vegetables obtained from forests. He saw fire also in the forest. When these edible things ate in the raw form they experienced a particular taste. But when casually they could eat those collected after a forest fire would have given them a new taste which gradually helped them to invent that heating could provide better taste.

    Of course in later periods more inventions were based on needs. That is the necessities led to the creations of the modern amenities. Medical field is a typical example of need based inventions.

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    I too agree with this and would like to say that author have expressed her views with good examples. Basically we know that everything has a life cycle i.e., poducts, industry even technologies. We invent new things when the existing or the old things get obselete . I would like to quote my woords by giving a simple example that during mid 80's black and white televisions were passing through the stage of stagnation to decay . And its only because of new invention these televisions has to go out of demand .

    Even in phones we have tremondous models that provide variety of latest technologies. Each and every thing we use daily is being modified or new innovations are made for our exsistance.

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