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    Should whatsapp be banned ?

    In my opinion to ban whatsapp is an extreme step as it would certainly not cut to the root of the problem as it is an excellent cross-platform for communication.It bridges the gap of communication and helps people to communicate with their loved ones and for which all one need is unlimited data.It has solved the major hitch that is cutting cost on calls.But beside it's enormous advantages there is a major setback and that is end to end encryption.The criminals and terrorists can freely communicate with one another without any fear of tracking.I think there some laws should be made on encryption which I feel is one of the solutions of whatsapp to be a flawless app.
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    I personally do not like any thought to ban Whatsapp. It is so useful, and an easier way to communicate. It keeps us updated about our friends and relatives through messages, status, dp etc. Checking Whatsapp has become a daily routine for me.

    But like the author said, it can be a platform to execute crimes as no proper track of it is kept. That is not good for a nation and its people. I feel rather than putting a ban, it is better to bring some tracking mechanism. I do not know how far it is practical.

    If nothing works, and if the only option left is to ban Whatsapp, then I too will face it. Earlier Orkut was the favourite of many, but later it was banned in many countries. Then people moved on to FB. Likewise if not Whatsapp, there will be something better and new coming up.

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    Well Whatsapp has been designed to have quick and easy access between the near and dear ones and also the close contacts. As for as general public is concerned it is a boon because they can share messages, tips, alerts, and above all images and videos. The voice message is one more advantage through which people can communicate as if they are very close to the caller. But the same app can create security problems for the country as the hooligans who want to create commotions in public spread wrong messages through the sims being got in illegal way and thus one should not share all the messages coming in Whatsapp .Now the people are so addicted and habituated with it, that they cannot live without those messages , images and videos even for one minute. Government must strengthen the law enforcing agencies to ensure that hooligans are caught immediately for spreading wrong messages.
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    I read somewhere that a copy of our chat is sent to the HQ. I don't think that you can ever do anything online and escape.
    Everything you do online, is saved somewhere.
    Terrorists use more than whatsapp to communicate.
    They have even set up their own search engines which are totally non-trackable.

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    I don't think there is presently any proposal to ban Whatsapp. So far as criminals taking advantage of this mode of communication, Government can easily find ways to track the communication. In any case, for the criminals and terrorists, communication by mobile/computer is not at all safe. So, discussion on this hypothetical issue is not required.

    This is my personal opinion.

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    Whatapp would not be banned for the reason of anti-social or terrorists misusing it. For whats app to work we need two registered mobile/SIM cards and an internet service provider thought which we can be tracked. Last year there was rumor spread on whats app about a well known hotel in Hyderabad using dog meat in briyani and it spread like wildfire and had media attention. The brand name suffered and the business went down. A compliant filed with the cyber police, helped to trace the source to a student who just combined two bits of information and spread a false rumor. This was tracked down and arrested. If the cyber police can do this for the sake of a wrong briyani information, I'm sure we'll have enough measures to track down terrorist and major crimes. As mentioned by others, the anti-social elements would have other means to have their communication.
    Using whatapp safely is the responsibility of each one of us.

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    Banning WhatsApp is not advisable.It can't be banned as to use it the person should be a registered person with the cell phone connection provider. These days they are insisting on Aadhaar Card linking also. If anyone is misusing this app they can be traced back to the person and they can be booked for cybercrime. They can easily trace back the anti-social elements with the mechanism they have in place. The terrorists may not be dependent on WhatsApp and they will have their own communication channels.
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    It depends on the will power of he government and the citizen to make erring party conform to laws of the land.
    There are a few countries where the tricks of some players is not allowed. Naturally they have to submit t the conditions and stipulations of those governments or not enter those territories. Their blackmailing and resistance won;t work with such rulers and governments.

    Our government also should have the will power to make all those providers obey and comply to our nation's laws and not to allow anything affecting this nation's security.

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    Banning watsapp because of this end to end encryption feature is completely insensible. Terrorists could in any way hack our details on any social networking site, it could be facebook as well.
    I don't think watsapp could play any such role here. In fact, I have also heard that this feature of watsapp is very insecure. But then, hackers are present everywhere, you just cannot ban the things because of this. Watsapp provides an excellent mode of regular commmunication. I do not think it should be banned.

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