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    India is poised for attempting big infrastructure projects. Are we ready to face eventualities ?

    No doubt India has been marching ahead to build new projects like big dams, Irrigation projects, Railway tunnels, Road over bridges, Metro rails running into several Kilometres. All these projects are either constructed near the vicinity of big cities or towns are running through the crowded places of those cities. Though we have gained expertise in raising high structures, we have not given a thought to save the people in case of natural disaster , accidents and fire consequences. Then what is the use of such technology which wont guarantee the human lives ?
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    When a new project is thought of, a proposal is to be made all the departments who are concerned with the projects including Pollution control board, emergency mitigation department and country and town planning department will have to go through the project and study in detail the various problems that may arise out of this projects and are we really able to mitigate in case of any problem and what are the control measures. After doing this exercise once they give approval to the project. Then only they will go ahead with the implementation of the projects. So I think whatever valid points are raised by the author, might have been thought by them and they might have given permission. Otherwise, those big projects might not have started the work. In case of natural calamities what kind of on site and off site emergency will arise and what is the mitigation plan might be in place for these projects.
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    Why I raised this question because , what will happen if the Hyderabad Metro rail derails en- route and what would be the fate of people underneath the rail bridge?
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We gain from the experience of others and our own experience.
    When a new project is envisaged, the unique characteristics and risks involved are debated and discussed and remedy measures incorporated. Even disaster facing protocols are also listed. Mandatory pre-ckecks are conducted on various factors to ensure strength and durability. Quality checking during construction phase and post construction tests are also carried out.
    There is nothing with Zero risk. However the risk possibility is minimised as far as possible with proper precautionary measures emergency response measures.
    So let us keep optimistic view, vigilant and alert.

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    Every new project comes with a new set of risks. Higher the technology, higher the speed, higher the automation, higher is the need for safety and disaster preparedness.The recent cyclone Okchi, the readiness of Kerala is being questioned by many despite knowing the intensity of the cyclone. Many centers do not have the manpower or the funding to meet the need for conducting mock drills, maintain equipment for rescue and accident management. With metro running in Bangalore, there were some issues with buildings developing cracks during the construction, closure of stations on days for lack of staff etc. Any major mammoth project in the city or a metro will have set guidelines about its fitness for public use and safety protocols. But who is there to verify that all these are in place. Can you and I see a document or inspect that these are in place. No, we can't unless someone files a PIL or RTI to get details. I hope, things go well.

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