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    Chabahar port opened yesterday: strategically important for India

    Iran's President Hassan Rouhani inaugurated the Shahid Beheshti (Chabahar) port's first phase in a ceremony yesterday. Along with representatives of many other countries, India's Minister of State for Shipping Pon Radhakrishnan was also present. From 2.5 million tonnes, the annual cargo tonnage of Shahid Beheshti Port, which is Iran's only oceanic port, is now expected to almost triple and reach 8.5 million tonnes. It can also accommodate 100,000-tonne ships.

    The entire project will be completed in four phases. India has been actively associated with development, modernisation and upgradation of Chabahar port. The port would provide India a significant sea-route. India, Iran and Afghanistan have already signed an agreement to grant preferential treatment and tariff reductions at Chabahar to Indian goods headed toward Central Asia and Afghanistan. Chabahar port is India and Iran's strategic reply to the development of Gwadar port of Pakistan by China.

    Speedy completion of other phases of Chabahar port is extremely important for India's strategic importance and trade benefits.
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    India has been playing strategic role in developing major projects in Middle east and Iran's President Hassan Rouhani who inaugurated the Shahid Beheshti (Chabahar) port's first phase has rightly said that India's participation in world development is very significant and in future to India can act as big brother for those countries which need help from Indian expertise. India needs to improve its trade business with Iran and Afghanistan, such modern ports when completed in record time would immensely benefit the member countries and help in development to compete with global leaders.
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    It is good to note that the first phase of The Shahid Beheshti(Chabahar) port is inaugurated by President of Iran, Mr Hassan Rouhani. With this increased capacity of the port, the country can do more exports. This port will help India in having a significant sea route. Once the other three phases are also completed, our country will get good benefits in the trade by sea.
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    Glad that this Chabhar port project has been started. Reading between the lines, India and Afghanistan can now skip relying on Gwadar port close to the border of Iran. This is another example of how alliances should be fluid and depending on the need for the hour rather than rigid foreign policies. Once this route gets operational. Does India contribute to this financially or do we get a chance to have a part of the port building business before it is ready for use. This is similar to the Suez Canal corridor project launched by Egypt in 2014 ( it is literally having another new parallel Suez canal and the reasons behind it are also similar).

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